Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Age of Ultron: Just the right amount of Funny, Action, and Seriousness

I am way late to the party. I just watched Age of Ultron on Saturday night, which calls into question my Nerd/Geek status. I blame it on my kid, and his myriad of activities. I decided to be a good Dad and wait to be able to see it with him, rather than go see it by myself, and then take him a second time. I'll still have to see the movie a second time, in all its glory, on IMAX, since he does not like seeing movies in 3D or on IMAX. I am seriously beginning to question if he is truly my son with these strange preferences.
I thoroughly enjoyed Age of Ultron. It's the type of movie you can enjoy multiple times, and adds to the growing greatness of the marvel cinematic universe. I prefer DC superheroes, sue me I grew up loving Christopher Reeve's Superman and Michael Keaton's Batman. Doesn't change the fact I love most of the Marvel Movies, and this one is no exception.
The movie starts off with a bang and doesn't let up until the midway through the second act of the movie. It needs that break, many things are thrown at the hero's up until this point, and this break gives everyone a chance, including the audience, to evaluate how things are going. The action in the movie is stupendous, but we have seen this before, but I really enjoyed the character depth this breather added to a few of the characters. There has been some backlash on the depth that Whedon adds to Black Widows character, I personally had no issue with it, and in fact liked learning more about her backstory. I won't get into the controversy since I'm a married white male, but Whedon's record of creating strong female leads should give the man some credit and leeway. Apparently it doesn't, but again what do I know? I liked the glimpse into Black Widow's past, and can only hope she gets her own movie in short order. It may never happen, but it should.
Tony Stark's expansion is also well done, great reason is given as to why he thinks he needs to create Ultron. One of my biggest disappointment in Iron man 3 was the handling of Tony's post-traumatic stress from the end of the first Avengers movie. It did not seem real in Iron Man 3, it did in Age of Ultron. You felt his fear and anxiety in Age of Ultron, and could see he was not over the events that occurred during the first movie. You believed his need and want to save the world and protect it from what was coming. I can only imagine his anxiety and PTSD adding to the set up for Captain America 3 Civil War.
The action picks back up for the closure of the second act, and doesn't let up until the end of the movie. Spliced through the action is Whedon's classic whit and one liners. Ultron, in particular, has some of the best lines and quips of the movie. Spader is the perfect voice for the crazed artificial intelligence. Crazed the AI is, showing off deranged plans for the human race and how to best protect the world and usher in world peace. The creation of Ultron is the beginning of the Rift between Iron Man and Captain America, and Whedon does a good job setting up the next movie.
A few things feel shoehorned into the movie. Nick Fury makes and appearance, and we aren't quite sure where has been or what exactly he has been up too. Thor's part could have been elaborated on, but after reading a few other articles (Empire on Line Feature/Josh Wheadon , Whedon had to cut a bunch of information out, due to run time and how the scenes tested with audiences. I would have liked to see this expanded on, and hopefully we may get a vaulted directors cut of The Age of Ultron, I know I would buy it. These instances are few and far between though, and Age of Ultron takes the viewer on a fantastic ride. Leaving everyone satisfied once the movie is over, and wanting to get back in line to do it all over again. Subsequent viewings may take some shine off the movie, but I for one will be giving the movie more than one viewing, and will add it to my large Blu-Ray collection once it is released.
My Rating: Must Buy


My Ratings:
  • Must Buy
  • Must see in Theaters/Will stop and watch every time on TV
  • Rentable
  • Wait for HBO release
  • Has a good scene or two.
  • Don't Bother
  • Craptaculur (Guilty pleasure)

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