Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Star Wars Comics Review/Recap (Spoilers!): Han Solo #3

The third issue of the Han Solo comic had about everything you could want in a single issue. The comic has quickly become one of my favorite of any Star Wars comics to come out of Marvel since the new cannon has started. It is exactly the fun fast paced story Star Wars fans would expect a Han Solo adventure to be. The third issue picks up directly at the end of the second with the group of racers being arrested by the Empire.

If there is one drawback to this issue it is how easy the pilots get out of their Imperial entanglement. They talk back and forth with the Imperial Officer, but are quickly released when the race organizers talk the Imperials off a ledge. It was a little anticlimactic with the tension the last issue ended on, but the comic quickly picks back up. There has to be a reason to include the Imperials at this point of the story, and they will probably play more of a role in the last two issues. Hopefully we will get to see Han take on and best the smug Imperial Commander who looked down upon him. It only fits for Han to put the officer in his place.

One of the best parts of the issue is the setup and explanation of why Han and Chewie were set on the race. It was good to develop this part of the story in this issue. We saw the setup in the first issue, the race last issue, and now we have an explanation of why it is important and dangerous to rescue the spies. The explanation was intricate, and I could understand some not enjoying how windy Liu made the plot. It was perfect for how the story has been developed, and I want to know more about the spy network in the Rebellion. The main Star Wars comic has touched on the spy network in one of its latest runs and in last year annual edition. I’m interested how much that will play into this run, since this issue takes place before the latest issues in the main line.

The standout portion of the comic again is the race, and how Han manages the challenge. I love the fact Chewie is ready to take it easy and focus on the main mission. Han is the one pushing the issue and making sure he finishes and wins the race. I love the setup for the obstacle in this portion of the race. It adds to the character of Han, and plays into why he was able to navigate the asteroid field in Empire Strikes Back. I also like the fact Han needed help to finish the race and the other racer payed a favor back. It was good to see Han not being infallible and still being able to screw-up.

The big question I have from the end of the comic is about the character revealed. I am curious if the alien is the same character as the gunner we see in the sizzle reel footage of Rogue One, or if it just the same species. I am hoping it is the same character, Bistan, who was shown in the footage. It would be a great tie in, and we would get some more information on the character before the release of the movie, even if this takes place after the events of the film. We would at least know he makes it out of Rogue One, and it also seems he has some ties to Solo and Chewie from a previous encounter.

The Han Solo comic has been fantastic all around, and I’m excited to see where the story goes in the final two issues. I’m not sure exactly where the story is going to go, but I am assuming Han will have to make a choice over the main mission and winning the race. In the end he will choose the Rebellion, but it won’t be an easy choice for him to make. It is interesting to see Han at this point in his character’s journey. I didn’t like that the comic started with him away from the Rebellion, but I’ve grown into the idea of this series helping cement his place in the Rebellion. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Horror and Oscar Bait


To me this looks like a total miss. I like Halle Berry, and think she is an extremely talented actress, but this movie looks horrible. The story looks ridiculous even from the trailers. The shots of her using the gear shift in her minivan to chase after her son's kidnappers is just plain silly. Who thinks shifting a minivan into drive promotes tense action? Plus the trailer shows her causing numerous car crashes after she goes to the police. She is causing more damage and possibly loss of life because she isn't listening to the police. I understand wanting to do whatever it takes, but I'm going to guess the movie lets her get away with this and she won't have to go to jail after everything works out. Kidnap is a pass for me, because of the image the trailer presented of the movie. 

La La Land

I wasn't really impressed with the first trailer I saw for La La Land. I like Ryan Gosling and I love Emma Stone. They had great chemistry together in Crazy Stupid Love, and their interactions were the best thing part of Gangster Squad. I am not sure why I didn't like the initial teaser trailer, but something didn't mesh with me on that one. I really enjoyed this first full trailer. It still doesn't give much of the story, but we get to see more interaction between Gosling and Stone and hear her sing, which is not a negative by any stretch of the imagination. Musicals are tricky to pull off, but I'll give this one a shot based on the two main leads. 

The Dressmaker: 

I'm not sure about this one. I like Kate Winslet, but I'm not sure this is the type of movie I would want to see. It looks to have a similar story to many other types of movies.  A person leaves town and makes it big, comes back and tries to integrate with the people she once knew. The trailer hints at some misfortune before Winslet's character left, but this is also typical for the type of story told. Oscar bait isn't a bad term to me, but this seems like a film which may not live up to the hype. I will wait to see some initial reviews before I go and check it out.


I've never seen any of the Ring movies. I'm not a horror fan, and I was in college when the first one came out. It didn't catch my interest then, even though I knew there was a massive buzz around it. I just wasn't interested. This looks like a cheap knockoff for a dying franchise. The things which made the first Ring scary, from my understanding, aren't even applicable in today's society. They should have updated the premise for the changes that have happened in technology since the first movie was released. It doesn't seem like they have from the trailer. How many people really have land lines anymore?

Manchester by the Sea: 

This was one of the films to come out of Sundance with major buzz behind it. Everyone who reviewed the film that I saw talk about it said Casey Affleck is amazing in the movie and were blown away with how good the movie is. It is one I have been eagerly awaiting to be released. The content seems heavy, but something which can easily draw an audience in. The trailer managed to get me interested about the story. I want to know the journey these characters go on in the film.

My Blind Brother: 

This is the only trailer this week that isn't in the horror genre or might have some awards consideration. Though watching the trailer it seems this might be a comedy with more heart and story than it appears on the surface. The concept could easily be thought of as screwball, but with the way the trailer is cut it gave the impression of a more serious comedy. I'm not sure if it is a film I want to see, but the trailer has me intrigued.

The Disappointments Room: 

This looks like a standard horror film. The "based on the true story" always amuses me in these trailers. It is designed to try and get people more invested, but it has the opposite effect on me. I see this in front of a horror movie trailer and I check out. The Conjuring is a film that bucks the trend in this regard, but it is more of the exception to the rule than the standard. I won't be seeing this film, because it looks the same as thousands of other horror films to come out before it.


This one looks emotional. I'm not sure if it will be a good tug at your heartstring story or a sappy mess which has little emotional impact. The trailer sets it up to be the former, but it could easily fall into the second category. I can't get a good idea from the trailer. The story seems interesting, but I get the feeling it is trying to hard to setup the emotional punch. I might wait for some initial reviews to come out before going to see this one. 

Jack Goes Home: 

Jack Goes Home at least looks different than most horror films which come out. I'm not sure if I want to see it, but it may offer something unique. The mom in the trailer gives off a super creepy vibe. The trailer gave me the chills, but I'm still not sure this will be a good movie. It did play at South By Southwest this year, but it there aren't any reviews posted. I can easily see this one being to far out there for me, but I'm sure it will have an audience. 

A United Kingdom: 

This one screams Oscar Bait, but that doesn't mean it won't be a good film. Rosamund Pike proved she could be a compelling leading lady in Gone Girl, and this could potentially lead her to another Oscar nomination. I am a sucker for historical drama's and this one looks interesting. This is a part of history which should be investigated and explored more by film, and I'm glad this is getting a chance.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Don't Breathe - Movie Review: Haven't these Thieves seen Daredevil??

While Holding Breath Voice over (What you expected some witty repartee?)

Don’t Breathe starring Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, and directed by Fede Alvarez. The film tells the story of a group of petty thieves who decide to break in and rob a blind army vet. What they don’t count on is how quickly the table turns once they enter his domain.

Don’t Breathe is a good suspense horror thriller. It is well shot and keeps you on the edge of your seat most of the movie. Alvarez does a great job of setting the tone of the film. Once the the tension and action starts it doesn’t let up until the end of the movie.. I was very impressed with the suspension filled sequences which left me guessing what was actually going to happen.

The movie does a great job of leaving you guessing. I didn’t see many of the twist and turns that happened throughout the course of the film. Granted this isn’t my typical genre of movie I usually go see, but I was intrigued by the premise of the story. Seeing Stephen Lange play a bad ass blind man who quickly starts hunting the people robbing him was enough to get me in the theatre.

Stephen Lang is awesome as the terror throughout the film. You easily believe he is capable of everything he does. Even the crazy wackiness the story brings out in the third act seems to fit the character he is portraying. He was the best part of the film and tied everything together. Without him being as terrifying as he was the movie wouldn’t have been nearly as suspenseful.

The other actors are fine in the movie, but they don’t really stand out.  Jane Levy is good as the main female lead and Dylan Minette is fine as nerdy friend.  They serve their purpose for the film, being terrified by Stephen Lange. Both actors do a great job in selling this fact.

The issue comes in with the other emotions and story the film tries to tell. I didn’t buy Jane Levy as a concerned young mother who just needs the next score to make everything right. You never really understands Minette’s characters motivations other than he is just trying to impress Levy’s character. It’s never explained why he has decided on a life of crime. They make him out to be the smart one, but if he is smart there needed to be another reason as to why he is helping commit the crimes.

Which is my other gripe for the movie, the premise as to why they rob the blind man didn’t make sense to me. They know the guy has money, but they never explain why they think he keeps his money in his house. Most people I know don’t stash away large sums of cash in their house anymore. They usually keep it in a bank. I needed some story reason as to why they thought the money was in his house rather than at his local Bank of America. 

This story gripe quickly drops away when the suspense ratchets up. The movie was made to scare the audience by building suspense, and the film does this extremely well. Some of the scenarios where a tad contrived and forced into being suspenseful by convenance of the story. The setup still works extremely well and I can give the film a pass on this. I also liked the fact I never knew if someone was going to make it out of their situation.  There are some clever twists I wasn’t expecting in the movie.  This being said I did think there were one to many ending scenarios. I could have gone with just one less, because the last event seemed unnecessary for how the movie ended overall.

Don't Breathe is a well-made fun suspense thriller. If you haven’t seen trailers for the film don't watch them and go in cold. There are a few scenes the trailers reveal which would have worked more if discovered in the movie. If you enjoy a good suspense horror this is a must see. If you are like me and don’t usually go to horror films, I still think this is one worth checking out. It’s not straight horror, but tension building and suspenseful.

Have you seen Don’t Breath? If you have what did you think. If you haven’t let me know your favorite home invasion movie in the comments. Like share subscribe and all that fun stuff. Thanks for watching. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Star Wars Comics Reviews/Recap (Spoilers!): Star Wars #22

Star Wars number twenty-two is the second issue in a new story arc for the title Marvel series. The last issue was a departure from the norm by having a story from a squad of Stormtroopers perspective. It was a fantastic issue and added depth to the Imperials, and showed  how some people in the galaxy view the Empire. This is something the expanded universe has done extremely well in the New Canon. It is great to see the development of characters on the Imperial side and give them more layers. They are still misguided, but they are no longer just pure evil. The new canon has added many shades of grey to many Imperial characters. 

This issue gets back to the normal flow of a regular edition to the series. The main three heroes are on a mission to take over a Star Destroyer and mount a farfetched plan to accomplish their task. The best part of this issue was the opening and seeing Luke in his X-Wing flying a mission. We only get to see him do this one time during the main trilogy, and I loved reading and seeing him in the pilot seat. Seeing Luke become a Jedi is what the main trilogy was always about, but I always cared about him being a great pilot for the Rebellion. The dogfight to take over the Star Destroyer is the best part of this issue, and I enjoyed reading about Red squadron trying to take it down.

The problem with this issue was the plan the heroes put in place. I understand the charm of the main trilogy are missions which have little chance of succeeding, but this one was a major stretch. They have to blow a hole in the Star Destroyer, and make sure they overload the reactor to get the Imperials to abandon ship. Then they must board the ship and take it over, and stop the reactor from blowing up. All of these things happen of course, but it just didn’t seem likely to me. I like putting heroes up against heavy odds, but there still needs to be some plausibility in the reason for their success. Even in the framework of the Star Wars universe I wasn’t believing the plan they put into effect could be accomplished.

Even with the ludicrous mission I still enjoyed this issue of the Star Wars main line comic. The artwork for the space battle was really well done, and I felt like I was watching a Star Wars space battle unfold. It was also great to see the three main heroes on a mission together again. You always got the feeling between episode four and five the group had adventures together and it is great to see some unfold. They have teamed up a few times teaming for an issue, but it seems like they are going to be together for the duration of this story arc.  

The writing was also spot on and Jason Aaron has been doing a fantastic job of making the comic feel like you are reading something from a universe far, far, away. I’m excited to see what happens next with this particular story. I am assuming the elite Stormtroopers from the previous issue will make an appearance to try and take back the captured Star Destroyer. I’m interested to see how Aaron works with the Stormtroopers, and if he can get the audience to feel for them when they go up against the Rebel terrorists. If you haven’t been reading the Star Wars Comic’s number twenty-one and twenty-two would be a good place to hop on and start reading.

If you have been reading the Star Wars Comic what did you think of this issue? If not did I peak your interest? Comment and let me know. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Oscar Season is Close at Hand

Fairly standard Trailer week. The standouts for me where Hidden Figures and Arrival.

Hidden Figures:

I'm a sucker for historical dramas. Throw in NASA and the space race and I'm hooked. The trailer alone makes me want to find out more about the women who inspired the story. The actors involved are all great. This trailer did exactly what it was supposed to do, get me interested in seeing a movie I knew nothing about.

When the Bough Breaks:

This one isn't for me. The crazy babysitter seducing the husband and going crazy story has been done many times. I can't say I enjoy any of those types of films.  It could be good, but this type of suspenseful drama  has never interested me. If it gets over the top amazing reviews I might think about seeing it, but it would still be one I would probably skip. I did like the remix of the song in the trailer though, at least that's something.

The Good Neighbor:

What's with all the decent looking horror/suspense films? I'm not a big fan of the genre, but this and Don't Breath both looks like movies I could enjoy watching. I'm not sure if this would fall into the horror genre and more straight up suspense. It looks like they took the story of Rear Window and updated it for today.  I'll wait for the reviews on this one, but it looks interesting. 


The teaser trailer dropped last week and got me excited for the new Villeneuve film. With the new full trailer I know I will be going to see this movie on opening night. The trailer does everything right. It gives you just enough about the story to entice you, and sets the tone for what to expect in the film. This movie looks fantastic, and with Villeneuve previous record Arrival shoots to one of my most anticipated movies to watch. This is the type of first contact movie I want to see, and it seems to focus more on how we would handle it as a race of people other than the Aliens trying to destroy us. 

Hands of Stone (Red Band Trailer): 

I'm not sure why the people who cut this trailer decided to release a Red Band version. There was no reason other than to showcase both fighters having sex with their significant others. This served no purposed in getting me excited to see a movie about two boxers. Yes sex sells, but not in a movie trailer about boxing. This movie is getting released on August 26th and it is the first trailer I've seen for the movie. I would like to say the film looks good , but this trailer did little to highlight that fact. The trailer gives you glimpses of  both fighters. One is Sugar Ray Leonard and if you don't know who the other fighter is, that stinks because the trailer doesn't tell you.  Robert Duran is the other fighter and the film looks to follow both men, I guess. I like boxing movies and stories, but this trailer was so bad I can't imagine what the film will be like. 

Same Kinds as Different as Me: 

Can Greg Kinnear get any work outside of faith based movies? This one is not for me, but more power to the people who like this type of heart warming tale. The film seems to tell the story of a man befriending a homeless person and the journey they go on together. This could be a good movie, but it seemed too sentimental for my taste. 

Sully Official Imax Trailer: 

I haven't been sold on any of the trailers to Sully up until this point. It looks interesting and the team up of Hanks and Eastwood is intriguing. Eastwood has recently made some dull films, and I was worried this could be a duller version of the film Flight starring Denzel Washington. This trailer hooked me in a way the others haven't, and I now can say I want to see this film. It is a compelling story and I want to hear more about  what happened after the flight crashed into the Hudson river. 

Star Wars: Rogue One International Trailer: 

The international trailer for Rogue One dropped and it is basically the same trailer as the US version, except for a few choice bits of dialogue.  In this trailer we learn that Jyn Erso's father sent a transmission to the Rebels letting them know about the Death Star's weapons test. There is little else different, and there wasn't any new footage revealed from what we have seen in other trailers or in the sizzle real. I liked this extra little bit of information, and can't wait for the marketing for the movie to ramp up even more. 

Hell or High Water - Movie Review: An Old School Western Story Updated

After seeing Warcraft and now Hell or High Water, Ben Foster should really stick to Westerns.
Hell or High Water starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges, Gil Birmingham, written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by David Mackenzie. The way the movie is directed and the story told I’ll be looking for David Mackenzie’s next film. Hell or High water is about two brothers, Pine and Foster, who set out to rob banks for a specific reason. Bridges and Birmingham are the Texas Rangers tasked with tracking them down. This is all you should know before going into the movie because of how the story develops.

There isn’t much not to like about Hell or High Water. The story is expertly told and develops at the perfect pace. For the first half of the movie you don’t know why the brothers are pulling the bank jobs, but you know there is a reason. It is revealed at the perfect spot in the movie after the plot has developed. It kept me engaged and wondering why Pine’s character, Toby, was going along and planning the jobs. You get the feeling Foster’s character, Tanner, is doing it for his brother, but also just because he doesn’t have anything better to do. He does it for the thrill and rush. Toby is in it for a specific purpose and he sees no other options. Tanner also brings some practicality to what the job entails. He has no illusions about the consequences of his actions, and plans accordingly. You are invested in wanting the brothers to get away with the crime, but at the same time you want Bridges and Birmingham to catch them. I never truly knew if the brothers were or were not going to get away with the crimes. The film keeps you guessing, and while a few story points might be easy to figure out it is done in such a way that keeps you riveted to the screen.

This is also helped along with the dialogue from the script. The movie is naturally funny at parts. The theater I was in was laughing during many scenes in the film. You believe Foster and Pine are brothers because of their interactions and the conversations they have with one another. Bridges has most of the funny lines and delivers them expertly, teasing his partner throughout the entire movie with Native American jokes.  The film has a very tight script and it seems everything is used to move the story forward. Since Taylor Sheridan also wrote Sicario it shouldn’t be surprising this was such an intriguing story. Sheridan hopefully will be getting many more of his scripts read after Sicario’s reception and now this. He has a movie he wrote and directed coming out next year according to IMDB called Wind River. From his previous work, this goes onto a list of movies to watch out for next year.

Everything comes together well in the film and all of the main performances are fantastic. Pine easily sheds his Captain Kirk persona and loses himself in the poor drill worker for Western Texas. Foster always seems to be at his best when he is playing a character slightly unhinged and he does this well again. Bridges is once again fantastic and plays a great aging Texas Ranger who is being forced to retire. Birmingham plays off of Bridges well and you easily buy into their working friendship. All of the actors do a great job and draw you into the story with their performances.

I have a couple of small problems with the film. One is the story hits you over the head about the evilness of banks one too many times. There is one scene in particular that wasn’t needed and was too on the nose for how well the rest of the story was told. Take this one scene out and it is otherwise a nearly flawless piece of storytelling. The only other small complaint would be how artsy Mackenzie got with his shot selection at times. I liked most of the long tracking shots he did and other elements he used, but there were a few times a close-up or a certain shot of a car took me out of the movie. These are still extremely minor gripes for an otherwise excellent film.

I loved this movie, and can’t wait to watch it again. I grew up in the same region this film was shot in, and watching it greatly reminded me of my Grandma’s farm and the small town near it. So, I could have loved this more because of the setting it is filmed in. Hell or High Water is a new age Western and is a welcome addition to the genre. If you are fan of any type Western this movie is a must see. If you are just a fan of movies this film is just plain Worth Seeing. Go out to the theater and buy tickets and support it, or rent it when it is available. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

If you have seen Hell or High Water let me know what you thought of it. If not are you a fan of Western’s or Neo-Western’s? Comment and let me know some of your favorites. Add another besides No Country for Old Men. That’s too easy

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Star Wars Comics Review/Recap (Spoilers): Poe Dameron #5

The fifth issue in the Poe Dameron comic is the second installment of the new arc. The black squadron crew finds themselves unwilling guests of a Hutt lord on a prison world. The Hutt knows the next location Lor San Tekka went, and will tell either the Resistance or the First Order. The group which gets the Hutt off the world first will find out the information on San Tekka.

I had issues with the first few Poe Dameron comics, but these last installments have been really well done. The dynamic between the members of Black Squadron is starting to come together. The dialogue seemed to flow more naturally in this issue than previous ones. The story is also more interesting than trying to protect a giant egg. I am compelled to see how the group is going to escape from the prison planet with the Agent Terex from the first order plotting to capture the Hutt. Terex is becoming a very intriguing villain in these comics.  

The first three issues didn’t have an interesting story and the dialogue seemed forced most of the time. The last two have started to setup a great story. I like that Poe had a backup plan or a plan about how to get off the world the whole time. He figured on being betrayed and made sure to have a contingency plan. This adds to the pilot’s character and explains why he is the leader of Black Squadron when there are older pilots who could out rank him.

I’m not sure if I like the droid back up plan. I like the comic using BB-8 and other droids, but just having them implement a plan of rescue seems a bit far-fetched. I would have like to have seen a pilot somehow left behind as well to help the droids. The pilot could have been in a secret compartment in one of the X-Wings for the plan. Yes I know there aren’t secret compartments in X-Wings, but why can’t there be in the new Resistance models? This story point with the droids is still better than most of what was in the first three issues. I’m interested to see how BB-8 manages to get away from the security droid which cornered him and the rest of the droid crew.

While I like where the story is going this issue is more of a setup for the next few editions. I’m excited to read because of how well the story has been setup. There isn’t much cannon coming out about events between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, and I’m glad this is starting to get more intriguing. I want to know more about the mission to find San Tekka and what role he played in discovering the map to Luke. I also wouldn’t mind some backstory on how he knew the Skywalker family and his relationship with Ben. A one off issue in the Poe comic series just focusing on San Tekka could do this, or even a short novel.

Let me know what you think of the new arc in the Poe series. Did you dislike the first three issues like me? Comment and let me know. 

Ben-Hur (1959) – Movie Review: The One with Moses not God

Wait a minute, it’s how long? Is there a cliff notes for movies?

The 1959 epic film Ben-Hur starring Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd, Haya Harareet and directed by William Wyler. The swords and sandals epic tells the story of Judah Ben-Hur who is betrayed by his Roman friend in order to keep the province of Judea in line. Judah then must survive and plot his revenge against his one-time friend. They truly don’t make films like this anymore. Which might be both a good and a bad thing. The movie is an entertaining watch with a good story and performances, but the length can be tough to get through.

The runtime for the movie is three hours and thirty minutes and is grandiose in every fashion. The sets are massive and the film has hundreds of extras. There are big extravagant ceremonies on numerous occasions which use the big sets to highlight the assumed pomp of Rome. I could have done without the set ceremony pieces, or at least a few less. If there is one barrier for a modern viewing audience these are it. I can see the appeal of having these scenes, but I think they may be like CG set pieces of today, there needs to be a balance. There are couple too many of these scenes which drag the pacing of the film down. Take these scenes away and I would have enjoyed the movie even more.

I enjoyed watching Ben-Hur. It is the first time I’ve watched the film in one setting. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the movie many times, but not all at once. The story of Judah is captivating and pulls you in. Heston does a great job in the role and you understand why he was a movie star. He did overact a time or too, but I think this is also a product of the time. Stephen Boyd is another standout. He plays the Roman extremely well. He does go over the top at times, but there is a subtleness to his performance. The character isn’t a good person, but you understand his motivations. He was just as captivating in his performance as Heston. Haya Harareet was good as the female lead in the film. Stunning and glamourous were the movie stars of this time, and she fit the bill. She also held her on with Heston. The character was a strong presence in the film and was a good conscience for Judah in the movie.

On top of the performances, and the compelling revenge plot are the action pieces in the film. The boat battle is dated for the time, but for anyone who has rowed or has workout on a rowing machine you should have some sympathy for the work portrayed. The actual boats are obviously miniatures, but I still enjoyed watching these scenes for how movies used to be made. I don’t prefer this over CG or good CG, but it’s still interesting. The big action piece is the chariot race, and it still holds up. Every aspect of the scene is well done, and while a few shots are obviously in front of a screen, most draw you into the exciting race. There is a reason this is a standard many action scenes are compared too. The movie is worth watching just to see the buildup and execution of this scene. The story to this point builds to a satisfying payoff from the race.

Ben-Hur is a classic film, and I can understand not wanting to slog through over three hours of movie. It really doesn’t feel quite that long with the good revenge story. It is shot extremely well and draws you into the movie. I could have done without some of more of the elaborate scenes, but I can understand them for the time the film was made. I don’t know if the new Ben-Hur will be worth watching, but I haven’t seen anything enticing from the trailers. If they reviews are bad, check this one out instead and give and older classic a try. It’s worth seeing if you enjoy good storytelling and acting, just skip past some of the ceremonies.

Have you ever sat down and watched the original Ben-Hur? If you have what did you think? If you haven’t what is your favorite swords and sandals epic? 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: There were other Trailers besides Rogue One??

Let’s talk about the one everyone else has been talking about:

Rogue One:

I like the rest of the nerd community anxiously watched the Olympics on Thursday night in anticipation of the new Rogue One trailer. I have to admit the first time I viewed it I was a little underwhelmed. That first shot of the Star Destroyer on the planet didn’t look right to me the first time I watched, and the dialogue wasn’t ringing true to me. The limited small tease of Vader was a mistake. I know Vader is going to be in the film, but the general public is not aware, and are still confused about when this movie takes place. Just a little more of Vader would have guaranteed some more general buzz around the trailer. Maybe I’m wrong on that point and that little tease is enough to generate buzz for the film, and fix the questions people have.
The rest of the trailer was amazing, and on countless subsequent viewings I was too harsh after my initial viewing. I think I was just expecting too much. There was a ton to love in this trailer. The way it is shot is unique from any other Star Wars film. This might have factored into why I wasn’t on board the first time I watched. The shot of the Tie Fighter rising is awesome along with the rocket launcher shot at the AT-AT. Donnie Yen taking out Stormtroopers is awesome, though his line was one I wasn’t completely sold on the first time I heard it.
This is hasn’t changed from my most anticipated movie of the year, and hopefully it is every bit as amazing as it looks. I’m still a little nervous about the acting and story, but Edwards has at the very least made a beautifully looking film.

There were other trailers to come out this week (shocking):

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (The International Version):

Don’t watch the US trailer. It is horrible, and does something unforgivable to Guns N’ Roses Paradise City. The international trailer promises more of the same from the other movies in the franchise. They are a guilty pleasure of mine, and while I have not seen any of them in the theater I always watch when they become available to rent. This won’t change for the last installment, and I’ll gladly pay the four dollars to stream it when it becomes available. The US trailer version is absolutely atrocious and should be pulled. They try to make it match the beat of the Paradise City, and it just doesn’t work at all.

Bad Santa 2 Red Band Trailer:

If you are going to watch an R rated Comedy, you might as well watch the unfiltered trailer for it. I was a fan of the original Bad Santa and thought it was hysterical. I haven’t watched it many times since it was released, but I’m okay with a sequel. It is a little odd to get one this late, but I love that they are using the original kid from the fist and that he hasn’t changed. This alone makes for an interesting concept and ripe for many new jokes. Bad Santa 2 and Office Christmas Party give me hope of a great holiday season filled with hysterical movies.

Brother Nature:

This comedy doesn’t hold much interest for me. It looks like a cliché story with gags and gross out humor to try and make it funny. I do like some of the actors in the film, but not enough to go and see it. If the film gets fantastic reviews I might think about it, but at the most it looks to be a rental, if event that.

The Great Gilly Hopkins:

Well this looks like another cliché paint by numbers coming of age story, but I like the talent involved. You can’t go wrong with Kathy Bates and Glenn Close. If my twelve year old cared about going to see movies, this would be one I could take him too. It probably won’t be a hit, but I could see myself stopping to watch if it is ever on paid channel. This one at least seems to have some potential with the talent, and the trailer showed some heart.

Complete Unknown:

Michael Shannon and Rachel Weisz, yes please. Add in Kathy Bates (again) and Donald Glover and that is a cast to take note of. This film was a Sundance Selection this year and picked up by Amazon so I’m not sure if it will get a theatrical release. I’ll give it a chance on prime when it is available. The trailer doesn’t give much away and the film seems like a mystery. The talent alone has me interested, but the trailer has me intrigued in the story as well.

Don’t Breath

I’m not a fan of the horror genre, but this one at least looks interesting. Stephen Lang seems to always deliver, and his character looks terrifying in the film. I might actually go see this one if the reviews continue to be good. It has been screened for critics at a few places already and has gotten a positive response so far. The concept for the film might not be new, but if it is executed well it has the potential to be a good movie.

Tell Me How I Die:

This looks horrible. Closed room semi-science fiction horror. Where Don’t Breathe looks to be taking a used concept and making an interesting movie, Tell Me How I Die looks to do the opposite. There is no aspect of the trailer which got me excited to go see this film. This one isn’t for me, but maybe it will find an audience.


This one has me intrigued. The trailer doesn’t give much away and is more of a tease. I’m all for Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in what seems a World War 2 spy period piece. This synopsis of the film says the main characters are both assassins who fall in love and marry. One then discovers the other is a double agent and must be eliminated. So the film is basically a serious Mr. and Mrs. Smith set in World War 2. I’m okay with this.

War on Everyone:

This one looks absurd. I know that is what they are going for, but nothing seemed funny from the trailer. This looks like a spoof on the buddy cop genre, but I didn’t really care for any of the spoofs. I like both of the actors in the movie, but this is a pass for me, unless the reviews are good.


Bookend the trailer discussion with another Science Fiction film. I had no clue this movie was even coming out, but I’m excited for it now. Villeneuve hasn’t had a miss of a film yet, and I like that he is doing a Science Fiction film before tackling the Blade Runner sequel. The teaser was perfect, because it got me excited for the film by just teasing its release. The longer trailer will come out this week, so hopefully it doesn’t give too much away. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

When Should Kids Watch… South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut?? – Movie Review

Cartoons that aren’t for kids. When should kids watch them? What would Brian Boitano do?

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut starring, written, and directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The 1999 film takes the animated cartoon show from Comedy Central and allows them to become unfiltered and take on many of their critics. The movie takes on a censorship in hyper satirical fashion by pitting Canada and America in a war of over television. Terence and Phillip made a movie with foul language which caused the kids from the show too start using bad language. With this being said when should kids (yes older ones) be introduced to this satirical comedy?

The biggest reason the movie has an R rating is for its language. South Park starts with its artistic use of bad language early and doesn’t let up for the entire film. I say artistic because I believe it is. Language is used in the movie to make a point. Yes it is abrasive and in your face, but it is supposed to be. The main point is we can say all of these horrible things because we have the right to in a country with free speech. Parker and Stone think it is ridiculous for them to be villainized for using foul language when violence is promoted so freely and isn’t as penalized by the rating system. Language for me is one of the lowest denominators for when to let my kids watch a film. The unique combinations and amount of language used in South Park isn’t for a young audience, but I don’t see any reason young teens or pre-teens should be limited. As long as they are mature enough to know not to use it or when not to use it, I don’t see an issue.

The movie also has some animated breasts and a hilarious sexual relationship between Satan and Saddam Hussain.  I personally love this aspect of the movie. I think many teens could enjoy the funny take of having Saddam being dominate over Satan, but any younger and the joke will probably go over their head. The joke is also a little dated sense Saddam is now truly dead. There is also animated violence in the film with people exploding and catching on fire. Nothing in the movie is for a young audience and the violence is right in line with the rest of the film. It is animated violence, but it is graphic and isn’t something I would want a young audience exposed too. Which is one point the film tries to make. Violence gets a free pass, while language and sex are judged harsher by the rating system.

When can kids appreciate the biting satire South Park throws at society? The main point the movie tries to make is still relevant today, maybe more so. The plot brilliantly has Cartman save the day by using foul language. Combine the satire with making this movie a musical and I think an older audience is more likely to appreciate the nuance the film has. Yes the plot is simple. Terrance and Phillip make a movie using bad words. The kids see it and start using the language. The Moms of South Park form a group to get Terrance and Phillip banned because they don’t like what they are saying. This causes Canada to defend their countrymen and the film escalates until both countries are at war with each other. It is a totally off the wall story, but it works within the world Parker and Stone have created. Some of the best scenes are in Hell between Saddam and Satan and the relationship the two of them have. It isn’t hard to understand, but the full weight of what Stone and Parker are trying to get across needs to be viewed by an older audience. As far as the actual story there isn’t a barrier, it’s what the film is trying to get across that’s important.

The language of the film doesn’t bother me, but making sure my kids understand what the message behind the film is saying is important. For me I think an appropriate age range to watch South Park is anywhere between thirteen to fifteen years old depending on the kid. Kids of this age would have been exposed to any language found in the film, and they should understand the satire behind the movie. This in one I want to show to my boys because of how much I enjoy it. I still laugh at many of the jokes found in the film. I know I still have to wait a few years before they can fully appreciate it though.

When would you let your kids watch South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut? When was the first time you remember watching it and how old where you? 

Sausage Party - Movie Review: We are Horrible Gods

It won’t make you change your eating habits, but may make you think about using poor toilet paper.
Sausage Party starring the voices of Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, a host of other actors, and directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon. The film tells the story of the secret life of food. They wait patiently and excitedly at the grocery story to be chosen by “The Gods” and taken to the great beyond. They don’t know the horror that awaits them once they leave the story and are eaten by the humans they worship.

I heard Seth Rogen talking about the film and he wanted to do an adult Pixar movie. They thought about how Pixar tells the secret life of Toys, Fish and Cars, and they thought about the secret life of food. This life is horrifying at every turn, but made for one hilarious comedy. I wouldn’t call the film a parody of Pixar movies, but it does hit many of the same beats of their major movies. Our heroes have to go on an adventure and on the way they learn important life lessons. I was expecting the funny outlandish comedy from the film, but I wasn’t expecting the movie to have an actual message.

The message the movie gets across may be a bit on the nose, but I enjoyed it. Like any good theme hidden in a silly concept it mirrored some real world issues and problems. Sausage Party won’t win any Oscar’s for its deep story, but it was another aspect to keep the audience engaged between the lewd jokes. The movie does a great job of walking a delicate line with what it is trying to say. It tries and succeed I think in showing two different sides of thought. I’m being vague, but I don’t want to give away spoilers. Yeah that sounds silly thinking about it, but I don’t want to give anything away.

The trailers did give away some of the funny jokes, but I don’t know how else they could have sold the movie. The trailers got me in the door to go see the film, and there are still plenty of other funny moments to keep you laughing besides what was in the trailer. The ending climax is something that can only be seen, and then some may wish they could un-see it.  I laughed out loud through the entire last part of the film and the movie was worth seeing for the last part alone. I’m a fan of crude humor, so many peoples mileage may vary. I also found the strong language throughout the film perfect for the context of the movie, but I could see how it could be tiresome for some.

There wasn’t much negatively to say about the film. The only two issues I had is the movie seemed to drag in the middle, and the scene choice at the very end. I thought the film should have rolled credits at one point, and they tacked on one extra scene at the end which wasn’t needed. It does setup an eventual sequel if they want, but they could have done this without tacking on the ending. As far as the pacing the middle portion seemed to stall with its story, and took just a bit too long to get going towards a resolution. I might have cut a few of the scenes down dealing with the God explanation, but they did serve a purpose to the story.

Sausage Party is an overall well-made film. All of the voice acting is great. I didn’t even realize Edward Norton was voicing a character until the end because he did such a good job of throwing his voice. Rogen and Wiig are fantastic as the title characters, and I loved Salma Hayek as the voice of the Taco. Michael Cera was great as the deformed Sausage. Can Michael Cera get some more work Hollywood? I miss seeing him in stuff. One of the main villains of the film is voiced by Nick Kroll and is a literal Douche and is absolutely perfect. I can see people having an issue with this story thread, because it may not have been needed, but I liked how he cut through the entire movie.
I am still not entirely certain how Seth Rogen got Sony to green light this absurd comedy, but I’m glad they did. Maybe they felt bad after The Interview fiasco, and let him do whatever he wanted. Whatever the case this turned out extremely well, and if you enjoy an crude humor, with a decent if not on the nose underlying message then Sausage Party is well Worth Seeing. I’m not sure it is one I will own to watch over and over again, but it is something I would stop to watch whenever I found it on a paid movie channel.

What did you think of Sausage Party if you have made it out to see it? What is your favorite R rated animated film? Mine is still South Park. Comment and let me know. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Star Wars Comics Review/Recap (Spoilers): Darth Vader #24

There is one release left in the twenty five issue run of Marvel’s Darth Vader comic. The entire run has had its ups and downs, but at the core the comic has delivered a satisfying portrayal of the Dark Lord of the Sith. The comic has shown him being ruthless, but also cunning. Above all it has showcased his control and mastery of the force, and how he can dominate over anyone when using it. The penultimate issue in the series takes a bit of a risk in the story it tells, but it pays off and adds the character.

The ending of the twenty third issue left on an interesting cliffhanger. Having Vader deactivated by Cylo was a great twist and left you wondering how he would get away. I had a feeling he would find a way to overpower Cylo with the force. I wouldn’t have been surprised for the Emperor to show up and help save Vader. They decided to go with Vader saving himself, which makes more sense for the character.

In saving himself the author, Gillen, takes us back to the fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin. It’s is a risky thing to show in the comic. The new cannon has stayed away from things from the prequel era films. They released the Obi-Wan and Anakin comic, but very little else from the prequel era. To show something from Revenge of the Sith and try to expand on Vader’s turn is risky, but I think it is handled extremely well in the comic. We see Vader fight Obi-Wan again, but this time succeed. He also doubles down on all of his actions cementing his path on the Dark Side.

The only issue I have is it brings into question of how Luke is able to redeem Vader. With them showing him killing Ob-Wan and turning away from Padme it begs the question of how Luke was able to reach him. I’ll go with it is more amazing for Luke to be able to reach the good in such a tortured and evil soul. They do a good job in showing how Vader must accept and embrace his anger in this instance to save himself. By turning his back again on his good he is able to overcome Cylo and kill him. He has to do this in order to survive and become powerful.

I enjoyed this issue immensely and I am excited to see where the conclusion is heading. The only problem I had with this edition is the ending. I didn’t like the dialogue given to the Emperor and exchange with Dr. Aphra. I’ve been mixed on the Aphra character. I think she could be used again if she survives the series, but I don’t see how she does unless she knows something the Emperor wants. Maybe they will tie Aphra into the Jakku story introduced in Aftermath, because she knows information about what is buried in the desert

The final issue of this run of comics should be interesting. There are loose ends to tie up, and I expect to see Vader show why he is a Sith Lord once again. The comic has done this in its best issues, and I expect the finale to showcase some fantastic action. I’m also curious about how they will tie up all the story lines. I’m hoping something in the last issue ties into Rogue One, but not sure if they go that route. I think it is a good idea to end on a high note, and lead into seeing more of Vader in Rogue One. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Who Am I Kidding. I’m just Waiting for Rogue One

Let’s not bury the lead:


First off I’m a huge history nut (even have the degree to prove it) and second a big Christopher Nolan fan. I was excited when I first heard he was tackling a historical piece, and even more when I heard it was the battle of Dunkirk. It is a piece of World War Two history that deserves to be told on film. The battle lends itself to a narrative and anytime Nolan has a story to tell it is worth watching. There isn’t much to this teaser trailer, but what it does show sets the tone for the film. Nolan is already telling us what type of film to expect in the short one minute tease. This will be in my top ten most anticipated movies of 2017 without a doubt.


This is the third trailer for Storks, and I haven’t been very impressed with anything shown for the movie. This trailer did, at least, make me smile a few times. I can’t see this being a fantastic animated feature, but it will probably be something for kids to enjoy at the very least. I don’t have much hope for it being an enjoyable time for both parents and children, but I could be wrong. Maybe it will have a good message and humor for everyone. I haven’t seen anything yet from the trailers to give me much hope in this regard though.

Finding Altamira:

Another historical drama. I’m a little intrigued from the trailer. The film tells the story of the discovery of cave paintings in Spain, and how it challenged church doctrine. It caused us to question how long humans have been on the Earth. I’m sure other sciences of the time were questioning this as well, this was some tangible proof. I’m not sure Antonio Banderas would be my first pick for the lead, but the story has me interested. I am a sucker for historical pieces and stories based on true events. I am not sure I would go and see this one in the theaters, but if the reviews are good I might think about it.


This one doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It looks like a fairly standard suspense thriller. It adds the internet connectivity aspect of modern lives, but it is still just a standard stocker movie. These types of films have been done many times over. I do like Pierce Bronson, but this feels like a paycheck for him. If the reviews are great I might check it out, but the first trailer did little to get me excited for the movie.

Emily & Tim

Interesting concept for the film, but it holds little interest for me from what I have seen. Telling a marriage story with six parts with six different groups of actors is intriguing, but not something that gets me excited to go to the movies. Maybe a few more trailers might peak my interest, but as of now this is a big pass for me. I don’t think I’m the target audience for the movie. I doubt the marketing department was thinking about thirty something males when cutting the trailer.


I already want the soundtrack to this movie and I’ve heard very little of any song. What I have heard sounds fantastic, and with Lin Manuel Mirada writing some songs I have no doubt it will be fantastic. The little clips we have heard from the music is catchy and draws you into the trailer. This looks like a classic Disney movie using modern animation techniques. Dwayne Johnson is great casting to voice the Demi-God Maui. I’m not sure I’ve been excited for a Disney animation movie in a long time. Zootopia looked interesting, but I didn’t know how good it would turn out. This feels like classic Disney storytelling. It seems the studio is starting rival its brother Pixar for top dog in animation.

There wasn’t a ton of trailers this week from major studios. Next week a big one drops on Thursday: Rogue One. I’ll be glued to the Olympics on Thursday night for two reasons. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Suicide Squad - Movie Review: Flashbacks Anyone??

Leaving the theater I couldn’t help but wonder. Why didn’t we just get a Harley and Joker Movie?
Suicide Squad starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, a host of other people and directed by David Ayer. The movie is about Amanda Waller, played by Davis, putting together a team of villains with super abilities to handle situations involving other super villains. She finds a way to get leverage over each team member, namely injecting them with bombs, so they do the job. Suicide Squad takes an interesting approach to the comic book movie, but sadly doesn’t deliver a complete film. I didn’t hate it, but I can’t say I thought it was a great movie either. I wanted to walk out of the theater loving this movie, but too many things are missing from the film overall.

Let’s start with what I don’t like. The biggest issue I had was with the villain and the complete lack of motivation. Nothing is explained as to why the villain of the movie does what they do, other than they want to destroy humanity, because we now worship machines. I have a feeling a big chunk of the film is missing from the main villain’s story and the scenes were cut either for time or because Warner Brothers felt the content was too dark. As the audience you don’t understand why any action is taken by the villain, other than she hates humans. We never actually even completely understand what the villain is. I don’t think it is human.

The pacing of the film is also off. There are a bunch of flashbacks explaining the backstory of each team member, and while I liked all of them they go on for too long. It takes forever for the movie to get into its story, then drags in the middle, and rushes to an overblown and overstuffed finale that doesn’t feel earned. The dialogue in the film is poorly written. Everything but the main villain is explained and spelled out. I didn’t believe many of the side characters when they delivered their lines. I didn’t buy any of the solders being solders, the most egregious being Joel Kinnaman who played Rick Flagg. There wasn’t one point during the film that I believed he was a Special Forces Commando. I also didn’t believe the love story he had with Enchantress. Maybe some of this story got cut out too.

There are good things in Suicide Squad to enjoy though. Margot Robbie is fantastic as Harley Quinn and captures everything great about the character introduced in Batman the Animated Series. She is perfect in the role, and I can’t wait to see more of her playing the character. I also like Leto’s Joker, but I can see some not liking his portrayal. I don’t think there was enough of him in the movie. I wanted more of him and his relationship with Harley. For me these were some of the best scenes in the film, and I do really want a Harley and Joker mayhem movie. Viola Davis is fantastic as Amanda Waller and plays the ruthless government agent extremely well. She has some great scenes. The other standout is Will Smith as Deadshot. He adds his charm to the movie and role, and you buy into his portrayal of the character.  The only issue I had was not really buying into him being villainous. He kills for hire, but you can always see he has a heart. I wanted just a little more edge to him.
This was another small issue I had with the final act of the film. The Squad’s motivations in the final fight were off. I bought into Deadshot wanting to help, along with Diablo, and Harley sticking around because she is just crazy, but everyone else should have cut and run. I didn’t buy them staying around to help out. I liked everyone else’s portrayals in the movie, but the ending just didn’t mesh well with the characters established.

The action in the film is also a strong point. I liked all of the action scenes, and even though the ending was overblown it was still exciting. Overall the film is well shot and I like Ayer’s style and look of the film. It is just the overall story and structure of the movie which misses the mark. The soundtrack adds to the film and is really good. I think some might say it takes away from the movie, but I enjoyed it. I know it was copying Guardians of the Galaxy a bit, but it still works.
There are good things about Suicide Squad. The characters are entertaining, the action is fun to watch, and I did laugh out loud a few time, but the story is weak and the pacing is off. It doesn’t make for a good movie overall. I can see myself watching the movie again, but only to stop and watch on cable. If we get another director’s cut I would rent to see the difference. If you are a big comic book movie fan you probably have already seen it, but if you haven’t it is Worth Seeing but only if you are a comic book movie fan. If you are tired of super hero films you can skip this one in theaters, and I’m not sure I would even rent it.

Comment and let me know what you thought of Suicide Squad. What was your favorite character and if you like Leto’s Joker. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

When Should Kids Watch... Escape From New York?? - Movie Review

Is there any doubt Kurt Russel could still play Snake Plissken in a movie?
Escape from New York, the 1981 thriller, directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russel. The movie is set in a semi dystopian 1997 where the island of Manhattan has been walled off and turned into a prison. This might sound far-fetched now, but at the time this movie was made it wasn’t much of a stretch to think about walling off New York. Go look at some of the pictures of the city during this time and it will give you an idea of how far New York has been cleaned up in thirty years. Russel’s iconic character Snake Plissken is being put into the New York prison, but the night he is put in the President’s plane crashes. He can receive a full pardon if he is able to get the president out alive. Simple plot with interesting characters. When should kids today be introduced to the 80’s classic?

Escape from New York is Rated R, but I have a feeling if the PG-13 rating had existed in 1981 they would have tried to make it fit into this. The language in the movie isn’t excessive for an R movie, just compare this to Beverly Hills Cop. Plissken does use the f-bomb a few times, but they could have easily cut it down to the allowed one. The film also has its one required bit of nudity all 80’s films seem to have, but this also could have been cut out. The violence isn’t excessive or intense. There are a few graphic images, but I think they would have been allowed as PG-13 for today’s standards. This movie isn’t a hard R. Pre-teens and teens could be introduced and enjoy the movie if you don’t mind the one small bit of nudity and the few cuss words.

The one worry I would have about introducing kids to this film would be how dated it looks. For the time it was made, and the budget it was made for the movie looks great. However, it doesn’t hold up to today’s special effects. You can tell miniatures are used, along with some matte paintings. The action is also not as thrilling as today’s standards. I still think the movie can be enjoyed because the characters are interesting and the story idea intriguing. If they can get by some of the older special effects most can still enjoy the film.

The plot of the movie is easy to understand. Plissken must rescue the president in order to be pardoned for his crimes. The warden also makes sure he doesn’t just take the plane he is given and fly off, by injecting some capsules into his blood that will explode within twenty four hours. If Plissken wants to survive along with becoming free he has to do the job. What I like most about the character of Snake is that he has a backstory, but it is left up to the audience’s imagination. He is famous among everyone in the prison, but you don’t know why. All the prisoners think he has been killed and are surprised he is alive. He is almost mythical in the prison, and you never find out why, which I think adds to the character by letting you imagine what he has done. The plot has some logical inconstancies, but you can suspend your disbelief since the story is engaging.  I think most any child above seven, maybe even younger, can understand the plot of movie. The question becomes when do you want them to see the violence the film portrays?

Escape from New York, while it is a fun action film, does have some deeper themes. It is a product of its time, and of the issues people were worried about. Crime was running rampant, and New York was a dangerous place. In 1981, the year the film was released, there were a documented 2,166 murders in the city compared to only 328 in 2014. The president in the film is played off as a coward and a buffoon. Jimmy Carter wasn’t looked upon as the greatest president when leaving office, and I can’t help but think the character in the movie was inspired slightly by him. Right or wrong, that is just the feeling I get. An older teenager might be interested in some of the history to go behind the film, and look at it as a time capsule for when it was made. Yes it is set in the future from its release, but it’s what people thought the future could bring from what they were currently viewing in the country. This could also just be me being interested in History, but there has to be some other people out there who find it intriguing.

The movie is fun and interesting and I think can still hold up to a modern audience. I would introduce kids to the film anywhere from 9-12 years old depending on the child. The action, language, and violence isn’t over the top and I think younger kids could handle the film. When would you let your kids watch Escape from New York? When do you remember watching it for the first time? Comment and let me know.