Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Who Am I Kidding. I’m just Waiting for Rogue One

Let’s not bury the lead:


First off I’m a huge history nut (even have the degree to prove it) and second a big Christopher Nolan fan. I was excited when I first heard he was tackling a historical piece, and even more when I heard it was the battle of Dunkirk. It is a piece of World War Two history that deserves to be told on film. The battle lends itself to a narrative and anytime Nolan has a story to tell it is worth watching. There isn’t much to this teaser trailer, but what it does show sets the tone for the film. Nolan is already telling us what type of film to expect in the short one minute tease. This will be in my top ten most anticipated movies of 2017 without a doubt.


This is the third trailer for Storks, and I haven’t been very impressed with anything shown for the movie. This trailer did, at least, make me smile a few times. I can’t see this being a fantastic animated feature, but it will probably be something for kids to enjoy at the very least. I don’t have much hope for it being an enjoyable time for both parents and children, but I could be wrong. Maybe it will have a good message and humor for everyone. I haven’t seen anything yet from the trailers to give me much hope in this regard though.

Finding Altamira:

Another historical drama. I’m a little intrigued from the trailer. The film tells the story of the discovery of cave paintings in Spain, and how it challenged church doctrine. It caused us to question how long humans have been on the Earth. I’m sure other sciences of the time were questioning this as well, this was some tangible proof. I’m not sure Antonio Banderas would be my first pick for the lead, but the story has me interested. I am a sucker for historical pieces and stories based on true events. I am not sure I would go and see this one in the theaters, but if the reviews are good I might think about it.


This one doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It looks like a fairly standard suspense thriller. It adds the internet connectivity aspect of modern lives, but it is still just a standard stocker movie. These types of films have been done many times over. I do like Pierce Bronson, but this feels like a paycheck for him. If the reviews are great I might check it out, but the first trailer did little to get me excited for the movie.

Emily & Tim

Interesting concept for the film, but it holds little interest for me from what I have seen. Telling a marriage story with six parts with six different groups of actors is intriguing, but not something that gets me excited to go to the movies. Maybe a few more trailers might peak my interest, but as of now this is a big pass for me. I don’t think I’m the target audience for the movie. I doubt the marketing department was thinking about thirty something males when cutting the trailer.


I already want the soundtrack to this movie and I’ve heard very little of any song. What I have heard sounds fantastic, and with Lin Manuel Mirada writing some songs I have no doubt it will be fantastic. The little clips we have heard from the music is catchy and draws you into the trailer. This looks like a classic Disney movie using modern animation techniques. Dwayne Johnson is great casting to voice the Demi-God Maui. I’m not sure I’ve been excited for a Disney animation movie in a long time. Zootopia looked interesting, but I didn’t know how good it would turn out. This feels like classic Disney storytelling. It seems the studio is starting rival its brother Pixar for top dog in animation.

There wasn’t a ton of trailers this week from major studios. Next week a big one drops on Thursday: Rogue One. I’ll be glued to the Olympics on Thursday night for two reasons. 

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