Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Oscar Season is Close at Hand

Fairly standard Trailer week. The standouts for me where Hidden Figures and Arrival.

Hidden Figures:

I'm a sucker for historical dramas. Throw in NASA and the space race and I'm hooked. The trailer alone makes me want to find out more about the women who inspired the story. The actors involved are all great. This trailer did exactly what it was supposed to do, get me interested in seeing a movie I knew nothing about.

When the Bough Breaks:

This one isn't for me. The crazy babysitter seducing the husband and going crazy story has been done many times. I can't say I enjoy any of those types of films.  It could be good, but this type of suspenseful drama  has never interested me. If it gets over the top amazing reviews I might think about seeing it, but it would still be one I would probably skip. I did like the remix of the song in the trailer though, at least that's something.

The Good Neighbor:

What's with all the decent looking horror/suspense films? I'm not a big fan of the genre, but this and Don't Breath both looks like movies I could enjoy watching. I'm not sure if this would fall into the horror genre and more straight up suspense. It looks like they took the story of Rear Window and updated it for today.  I'll wait for the reviews on this one, but it looks interesting. 


The teaser trailer dropped last week and got me excited for the new Villeneuve film. With the new full trailer I know I will be going to see this movie on opening night. The trailer does everything right. It gives you just enough about the story to entice you, and sets the tone for what to expect in the film. This movie looks fantastic, and with Villeneuve previous record Arrival shoots to one of my most anticipated movies to watch. This is the type of first contact movie I want to see, and it seems to focus more on how we would handle it as a race of people other than the Aliens trying to destroy us. 

Hands of Stone (Red Band Trailer): 

I'm not sure why the people who cut this trailer decided to release a Red Band version. There was no reason other than to showcase both fighters having sex with their significant others. This served no purposed in getting me excited to see a movie about two boxers. Yes sex sells, but not in a movie trailer about boxing. This movie is getting released on August 26th and it is the first trailer I've seen for the movie. I would like to say the film looks good , but this trailer did little to highlight that fact. The trailer gives you glimpses of  both fighters. One is Sugar Ray Leonard and if you don't know who the other fighter is, that stinks because the trailer doesn't tell you.  Robert Duran is the other fighter and the film looks to follow both men, I guess. I like boxing movies and stories, but this trailer was so bad I can't imagine what the film will be like. 

Same Kinds as Different as Me: 

Can Greg Kinnear get any work outside of faith based movies? This one is not for me, but more power to the people who like this type of heart warming tale. The film seems to tell the story of a man befriending a homeless person and the journey they go on together. This could be a good movie, but it seemed too sentimental for my taste. 

Sully Official Imax Trailer: 

I haven't been sold on any of the trailers to Sully up until this point. It looks interesting and the team up of Hanks and Eastwood is intriguing. Eastwood has recently made some dull films, and I was worried this could be a duller version of the film Flight starring Denzel Washington. This trailer hooked me in a way the others haven't, and I now can say I want to see this film. It is a compelling story and I want to hear more about  what happened after the flight crashed into the Hudson river. 

Star Wars: Rogue One International Trailer: 

The international trailer for Rogue One dropped and it is basically the same trailer as the US version, except for a few choice bits of dialogue.  In this trailer we learn that Jyn Erso's father sent a transmission to the Rebels letting them know about the Death Star's weapons test. There is little else different, and there wasn't any new footage revealed from what we have seen in other trailers or in the sizzle real. I liked this extra little bit of information, and can't wait for the marketing for the movie to ramp up even more. 

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