Thursday, August 25, 2016

Star Wars Comics Reviews/Recap (Spoilers!): Star Wars #22

Star Wars number twenty-two is the second issue in a new story arc for the title Marvel series. The last issue was a departure from the norm by having a story from a squad of Stormtroopers perspective. It was a fantastic issue and added depth to the Imperials, and showed  how some people in the galaxy view the Empire. This is something the expanded universe has done extremely well in the New Canon. It is great to see the development of characters on the Imperial side and give them more layers. They are still misguided, but they are no longer just pure evil. The new canon has added many shades of grey to many Imperial characters. 

This issue gets back to the normal flow of a regular edition to the series. The main three heroes are on a mission to take over a Star Destroyer and mount a farfetched plan to accomplish their task. The best part of this issue was the opening and seeing Luke in his X-Wing flying a mission. We only get to see him do this one time during the main trilogy, and I loved reading and seeing him in the pilot seat. Seeing Luke become a Jedi is what the main trilogy was always about, but I always cared about him being a great pilot for the Rebellion. The dogfight to take over the Star Destroyer is the best part of this issue, and I enjoyed reading about Red squadron trying to take it down.

The problem with this issue was the plan the heroes put in place. I understand the charm of the main trilogy are missions which have little chance of succeeding, but this one was a major stretch. They have to blow a hole in the Star Destroyer, and make sure they overload the reactor to get the Imperials to abandon ship. Then they must board the ship and take it over, and stop the reactor from blowing up. All of these things happen of course, but it just didn’t seem likely to me. I like putting heroes up against heavy odds, but there still needs to be some plausibility in the reason for their success. Even in the framework of the Star Wars universe I wasn’t believing the plan they put into effect could be accomplished.

Even with the ludicrous mission I still enjoyed this issue of the Star Wars main line comic. The artwork for the space battle was really well done, and I felt like I was watching a Star Wars space battle unfold. It was also great to see the three main heroes on a mission together again. You always got the feeling between episode four and five the group had adventures together and it is great to see some unfold. They have teamed up a few times teaming for an issue, but it seems like they are going to be together for the duration of this story arc.  

The writing was also spot on and Jason Aaron has been doing a fantastic job of making the comic feel like you are reading something from a universe far, far, away. I’m excited to see what happens next with this particular story. I am assuming the elite Stormtroopers from the previous issue will make an appearance to try and take back the captured Star Destroyer. I’m interested to see how Aaron works with the Stormtroopers, and if he can get the audience to feel for them when they go up against the Rebel terrorists. If you haven’t been reading the Star Wars Comic’s number twenty-one and twenty-two would be a good place to hop on and start reading.

If you have been reading the Star Wars Comic what did you think of this issue? If not did I peak your interest? Comment and let me know. 

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