Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jurassic World Movie Review: An Evening of Fun filled Enjoyment

Jurassic World is a fun movie. Don't overthink it. I jumped in my seat, I laughed, did not cry, and left the theater entertained. Is it a perfect movie? No it's not, it has its flaws, but I could live with them. It is not as great as the original, but I am not sure anything could be. It erases the two disasters that came after the original, and leaves the Jurassic universe in a good spot. I am sure they will try and make another sequel, but I really hope they don't. There is not any need. The movie punctuates our adventures with dinosaurs nicely.
The dinosaurs are the stars of the movie. Go figure, a movie about dinosaurs and the dinosaurs do not disappoint. I was impressed with the CG in the movie. It wasn't revolutionary, but you believed your where watching dinosaurs. The fight sequences are amazing. I loved every one. They are spaced evenly enough out through the movie. It is action packed, but has enough moments throughout to catch your breath. The end fight sequence made the movie for me. Before the ending I was thinking it was a good movie, worth watching again. The ending made it a very good movie, I will always stop to watch the end of this movie whenever I see it.
The acting is good, not great. Chris Pratt is excellent. He is a little over the top, but most of the people are in the movie. I liked Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire. I did not know if I would at first. There is not much character development in the movie, but she has the most. It was believable, and she did well in the role. However the love storyline I could have done without. Chris and Bryce had good chemistry on the screen, but the love angle felt forced. Just let them be co-workers working to save people from being eaten by dinosaurs. The child/teen actors are ok. There had to be a kid storyline, and it served its purpose. The one extremely over the top character is played by Vincent D'Onofrio. He plays a para-military leader who wants to train dinosaurs to be soldiers. I know the whole premise of the movie is silly, I mean come on, dinosaurs walking the earth again. However it is another giant leap to believe they can be trained soldiers. He takes glee in the carnage happening on the island, and it is not that believable. I really enjoy Vincent as an actor, he is great in Daredevil as Kingpin. As well as many other roles, but I do feel he can overact at times. I think the director should have reeled him in a bit.
The movie also pokes fun at itself. It has some good comedic moments. I laughed out loud on more than a few occasions. They realize they are making things ridiculous, it works, and it for the movie. Chris Pratt's character tells Bryce Howard at one point she cannot possibly do anything in her ridiculous shoes. She is wearing high heels in the middle of a forest. The funny thing is she wears the shoes the entire movie. Running away from big dinosaurs in them. It cannot be an oversight, they wanted her to wear her the crazy things the entire movie. It adds to overall campiness of the movie, which I think was their aim.
I am sure many will take umbrage with some of the decisions. They are far-fetched and couldn't happen. A few times I found myself rolling my eyes. Gas powered jeeps starting after 20 years?? Come on man (to be fair Chris Pratt again pokes fun of this in the movie). The people over at the YouTube channel CinemaSins will have a field day with this movie when they get around to doing a video for it.
Jurassic World was a fun entertaining return to the world of Jurassic Park. We got to see what a real park with the dinosaurs would look like, and what would happen if they escaped with everyone in the park. The dinosaur fights where awesome, and the comedy was good. Overall I enjoyed the movie and will watch it anytime it comes on TV. It's not a must own on the day it comes out, but I think I would eventually pick it up.
My Rating:  Must see in Theaters/Will stop and watch every time on TV

My Top 5 Favorite Big Monster Movies (at the moment):
  1. Alien
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. Pacific Rim
  4. Pitch Black
  5. King Kong (1976 version) Sue me, but it's the one I watched the most


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