Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Star Wars Rebels S2E10 Legacy Review/Recap (Spoilers): Still No Dark Turn

Tonight’s episode, Legacy, had an interesting story to tell, and could have major impacts for the rest of the season. We start with Ezra having a vision of his parents on Lothal and him wanting to rush to find back to find them. Kanan urging caution helps Ezra refine the vision and the whole team decides to go back to Lothal and find out what Ezra’s vision means. Why tell this story unless it is going to have impact later? Ezra parents have been a motivation for him up to this point, how does he deal with knowing they are truly gone? He seemed to handle to news well with Kanan there to help be a guide for the grief.
The best aspects of tonight’s episode dealt with Ezra. Everything with how he reacted was spot on for a young teenager. If I had lost my parents and suddenly learned they could be alive I would want to rush off to find out more. His exuberance, while slightly annoying, is perfectly understandable. He wants nothing to stand in his way to make it back to Lothal. He makes an impressive display against Agent Kallus and some Stormtroopers and then foolishly rushes the two Inquisitors. Ezra is seeing red at this point and is probably tapping into some darks side powers. Kanan does the smart thing and shoots the blast door, saving his apprentice. Ezra pops off in anger, but also apologizes to Kanan a short time later. I found his apology and thanks for the support touching and good choice for the character.
While I really enjoyed the main storyline with Ezra tonight, the rest had me wanting something different. I keep waiting for the series to take a darker turn. Everyone has hinted that the turn is coming. From the showrunners to the voice actors they have all said dark times are ahead for the crew of the Ghost. Tonight would have been a good time for the Empire to stop being easy to defeat. With Kallus and the Inquisitors teaming up they should have done some damage to the Rebels finding them unprepared for an attack. The Rebels had escape plans put it in place, but a force as large as the Imperials had should have deal the Rebels more damage.
This might be nitpicking the show, and I do believe we are going to see the crew dealt some major blows. They just seem to be getting by way to easily. The Empire does not seem scary or menacing. You want your heroes to succeed, but they almost succeeded in this episode by blind luck (Obi Wan says there is no such thing as luck), and Imperial stupidity.
The scene where Hera is trying to free the command ship from the tractor beam is one such instance. She has Tie Fighters on her tail and the Star Destroyer ahead of her. Why doesn’t the Star Destroyer fire on her? The Admiral tells the crew to focus on the command ship. If they have the command ship locked up, why not fire on the Ghost? I know it has become comical how Tie Fighters and Stormtroopers can’t hit anything, but why isn’t Zeb firing at them? If he was firing at least there would be the excuse that the Tie’s couldn’t line up a clean shot because they were being fired upon.  They do manage a hit, which forces Hera to do some fancy flying and knock out the tractor beam by ramming the Star Destroyer. This was exciting to see, but why didn’t they fire upon the Ghost and command ship after this?
The Rebels got away fairly unharmed minus a few ships. No major characters were captured and no dark turn for our heroes. After the tractor beam was taken out it would have been interesting to see the Ghost get captured with Ezra and Kanan having to come to the rescue in an Empire Strikes back like episode. Two Jedi’s not up fully trained taking on an Imperial force waiting to receive them.
This isn’t the road showrunners decided to travel, but it will be interesting to see when the crew does get back together. Ezra and Kanan are on their own, and I think they may stay this way for a while to do some training. Ezra has been growing powerful. I have mixed feelings on which way he will eventually turn, but I think they are hinting that he will remain a Jedi. His apology tonight was one indication of this, and his desire to make his dead parents proud will be another force to keep him on the path of the Jedi.
While tonight’s episode was a small disappoint in that we still did not see our heroes struggle, it was interesting see Ezra take another step into becoming a Jedi. He is still impetuous and headstrong at times, but he knows he is part of a team and respects their help. He has a willingness to learn and listen, and I am excited to see where they are taking him as a character.
Where you disappointed tonight that Empire was easily managed again? Are you ready for the dark turn the show has been promising? Do you like where they are taking Ezra’s character? Comment and let me know. 

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  1. I was expecting a big battle of Inquisitor and Rebels but I guess they might save that for the Season finale.

    I have a feeling that Ezra being manipulated will come back into play again at some point. Because this episode showed that when you get him wild up he doesn't have control. This episode was probably the most interesting his character has been in the show.


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