Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Star Wars Rebels S2E16 The Honorable Ones Recap/Review (Spoilers!): Enemy Mine

The Star Wars Rebels episode The Honorable Ones reminded me greatly of the old 80’s science fiction movie Enemy Mine starring Dennis Quaid. It may not be the best science fiction movie ever made, but I remember watching it as a kid and understanding the growth the two characters had to go through to accept and start to care for one another. The galaxy around them was at war, but they had to band together to survive. Much like tonight’s episode of Star Wars Rebels.
Zeb and Agent Kallus get stranded on a moon of Geonosis. During their time on the moon a strange bond forms between the two characters. They help each other escape the situation, and each start to understand how the other views them. It is really a bold story to tell for a young adult/children show. Though to go back to Enemy Mine, I understood the main plot when I was a younger. Maybe we should give kids more credit when it comes to understanding major themes. If they didn’t understand the main point the episode still had enough excitement to keep them entertained. The fight on the construction platform was well done and the creatures on the moon were a cool design. They reminded me of the Graboids from the second Tremors movie. I’m just pulling all kinds of 80’s science fiction references from this episode.
 I really enjoyed the interactions between Kallus and Zeb on the planet. They each discovered the reason for the other’s hatred. Kallus even admitting the massacre on Zeb’s home world was a mistake. Zeb having to apologize for his kinsman, and saying not all Lasan are honorable. The main question I have is where does Kallus go from here? The last shot with his head in his hands seems he could be someone who could turn, or at the very least hesitate when encountering Zeb again.
I’m not sure if I like turning one of the most competent Imperials into a Rebels sympathizer. He might not become one, with the encounter hardening his resolve to do better the next time. I could also see him struggling with carrying out orders for the Empire and eventually going to the Rebellion. I don’t think the characters of the show are going to have any crossover with the movie Rogue One, but could Kallus be the Imperial who helps deliver the Death Star plans to the Rebels? The Rebels certainly seem like they are beginning to realize the Empire is building something massive that is taking up vast amounts of resources.
Could we see our band of Rebels play a hand in the uncovering of the Empires massive weapon? They have to be curious as to why the people of Geonosis were wiped out. I’m not sure if they will touch on the subject again, but it would be good to see them raise the question back at the Rebel fleet. I hope to see them investigate why the Empire is stockpiling materials and try to figure out what they are up too. It would be good fan service to have the Rebels from the show have some influence on the discovery of the Death Star. It doesn’t have to tie directly into the movie, but a reference if you watch the show would be a nice nod. I’m excited to see were they take the next few episodes, or build on this story for the start of the next season.
My only real complaint with tonight’s episode is when are we going to get to the meat of what shown in the mid-season trailer? We have been waiting six episodes to get some glimpse of all the awesome the trailer promised. I am hoping next week will kick off a major story arc which will carry us through until the season finale. The trailer built so much hype it is almost a determent to the second half of the season. I have enjoyed all of the episodes up until this point, but I’m anxious to see the story behind the trailer.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Have you seen the movie Enemy Mine, and if you have did it remind you of tonight’s episode? Comment and let me know. 


  1. This was a clear set up for Kallus to make a side switch at some point in this series.

  2. I agree that is where it will most likely go, but I do think there might be a slight possibility that he becomes more ruthless after his crisis of faith. As in Pharoah from Exodus

    1. Yeah that is possible and would be more interesting actually! I just wonder if disney XD would allow something that complex.


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