Thursday, June 30, 2016

Star Wars Darth Vader Comic #22 Recap/Review (Spoilers!): Vader being Vader

The twenty second issue of Marvel’s Darth Vader comic picks up with Dr. Aprhra. She is being brought back by Beete and Triple Zero to the Executor. Aprhra finds a way to use Triple Zero’s programing to her advantage and escape her situation. I still don’t see how she makes it out of the Vader comic alive, but she could with how this issue ends. She could be put in a position to help Vader, and for this assistance he lets her go. It is a major loose end for Vader if this is the case, but it leaves possibilities for the Aprhra to pop up again in other comics and television series.

Vader finds himself in a tough fight having to fend off a modified Rancor partially controlled by the cyborg Tulon Voidgazer. She cut of the Rancor pain receptors and reinforced his windpipe so Vader could not choke the beast to death. She studied Vader and protected her pet from his favorite move. This still does little to stop Vader as he switches tactics and uses his Lightsaber to sever the cyberanimate (yeah I’m not exactly sure what that is either, sounds cool though) connection in the Rancor’s brain. This sequence is drawn extremely well in the comic, and I felt like I was watching Vader destroy a Rancor on screen. When the Vader comic is at its best is when it is displaying Vader in action.

We see him take out the Rancor and then finish off the cyborg Tulon. She lets him know before she dies that her legacy will live on because of the present she left aboard The Executor. She took down all its defensive and killed its crew. This sets up the final three issues brilliantly, because not only will we see Vader in action, the Emperor is also aboard The Executor. Cylo rammed his ship into the massive Super Star Destroyer with Vader aboard. Now he plans to take over The Executor because it has been disabled. He won’t know he will have to face both Sith Lords to gain control of the ship.

It will be interesting to see how Vader survives on the ship that rams The Executor. I think Aprhra will have something to do with him surviving, or help in some fashion if she is to survive the series. I am most looking forward to seeing The Emperor and Vader in the comic work together to take down Cylo. Lords of the Sith is close to my favorite book of the new cannon because both of them work together to take out a band of rebels. They are an unstoppable force in the book, and it will be nice to see the comic put visuals to what they can do together.

The last three issues should be great, because Vader will put into action. The series has had its dull moments, but there have been equal number of times when Vader is being the vicious uncaring villain he is at the start of the trilogy. The story group has let people develop Vader in the comics and the books in a brilliant way. We see him as the terrifying foe that chokes his commanders when they displease him. This comic, the books, and how Vader has been portrayed in Rebels gets me even more excited to see how he is used in Rogue One. Just thinking about seeing the suit and hearing James Earl Jones voice again is getting me excited. 

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