Thursday, October 27, 2016

Star Wars Comic Books Recap/Reviews: Star Wars #24 & Poe Dameron #7

Two Star Wars Comics came out this week. Star Wars #24 and Poe Dameron #7. Star Wars continued a current story arch, while Poe Dameron started a new one. The Star Wars comic continues to impress, but the Poe comic continues to be a miss overall.

Star Wars #24 continues to see Luke, Leia and Han on their stolen Star Destroyer barreling towards a planet under siege. The Star Destroyer is badly damaged and there are weird instances happening all over the ship. Luke and Sana are sent to investigate and run into the elite Stormtrooper squad. What follows is some great dialogue and action within the comic. The strength of the main Star Wars line is how much it feels like reading a story which could be adapted to the screen. It simply feels like an adventure the three heroes would be on. The last issue was a slight departure, but the 24th installment quickly got back on track.

The dialogue and interaction between everyone is spot on. The only line which was out of place was when Luke proclaimed himself a Rebel to the Stormtrooper he was fighting. The rest of the issue was fantastic. Some of the best parts were the interactions between Han and Leia. This issue kept up their flirtatious interactions from the previous issue. It seemed out of place some during the last comic, but fit in nicely during the action of this one. I also liked the scenes with Sana and thought her interaction with Luke seemed more natural. The Stormtrooper elite squadron actions were also well executed. They aren’t the usual inept bucket heads seen in Rebels or other media. They know how to execute a mission and don’t expect to fail.

The big reveal at the end of the issue was also well done. With Darth Vader’s comic ending its run it was good to see him drop back into the main line. It makes sense in the overall story for him to begin hunting down Luke again. We see him continuing this search at the start of Empire Strikes Back, and it is interesting to see him during this phase of the hunt. The way the story flows into the main Star Wars narrative overall is one reason why I will continue to keep reading the main Star Wars line. 

The Poe Dameron comic is another case entirely. I enjoy reading about the character of Poe, but the writing for the comic is its downfall. I thought the last three issues had been an improvement in the dialogue and story, but the 7th issue took a major step back. The dialogue between characters is painful and doesn’t flow well. It doesn’t seem like a natural conversation, and the quips Poe has throughout the issue seemed forced. They feel like they are put into the comic because Poe made quips in the Force Awakens.

The actual story isn’t horrible, but not fantastic either. The other big issue is the first order troops found in the comic are cartoonish. One of the best parts of the new cannon is how nuanced the Empire and First Order have been portrayed. In the main films it is very much black and white, but the new books and comics have greyed many of the people found in the Empire. I would have liked to have seen this within Poe comic as well instead of the over the top mustache twirling bad guys.

I want to like the Poe comic and I thought the last story arc was better than the first. This issue with the introduction of a new journalist recruit just didn’t feel like a story set in the Star Wars universe. It seemed more like a story that could be dropped into our political climate than in the galaxy far far away. Maybe this is just one story and the next will pick back up, but the dialogue between characters has been bad throughout the entire run. I can still hold out hope for the only comic taking place after Return of the Jedi.

What did you think of these two comic releases? Did you like Star Wars #24? Did you like Poe Dameron more than me? Comment and let me know. 

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