Thursday, October 27, 2016

Star Wars Rebels S3E5 The Last Battle Recap/Review: Is This Clone Wars or Rebels?

I think The Last battle was Dave Filoni wanting to do just one more episode of The Cone Wars.

The fifth episode of season three Star Wars Rebels, The Last Battle, is a good solid fun episode, but didn’t really advance any major story lines for our Rebel crew. The crew of the ghost along with former clone trooper Rex go to recover supplies from a crashed Separatist ship. While there they find old Clone Wars Battle Droids who want to have one final battle to determine who actually won the Clone Wars. The episode is more of a one off, and could be considered filler, but it was still enjoyable filler.

The battle sequences with Rex, Kannan, and Ezra were well done and exciting to watch. It reminded me greatly of many of the Clone Wars episodes. Having two Jedi and a clone trooper take on droids was a good formula for many episode of the former animated show, and this proves it can still be exciting. The best aspect of the episode however was showing how much the Clone Wars affected Rex. We see small glimpse of how badly damaged he is from all of the fighting. PTSD is a heavy and weighty topic to dive into on a kid’s television show, but I applaud them for at least showing some of the consequences of war. Some of my favorite episodes of the clone wars were when they focused on the clones and what they were going through, and I actually wanted more from this episode on this topic. Again it is a kids show, so I’m happy with the small amount shown.

While I enjoyed the subtleness of them showing how Rex is dealing with PTSD, I was disappointed with how they spelled out who actually won the clone wars. Instead of having Zeb just blurting out that the Empire did, and then having Ezra congratulating him like a good kindergarten student they should have just let the Empire show up to simply highlight who did. I’m not sure children who watch the show really care about the intricate plot Palpatine executed to take over the Republic. If they would have simply had Ezra say you both were weekend for the Empire to rise it would have worked better. Instead they were explaining too much to the audience to make sure we understood, and it wasn’t needed.

This small gripe aside the episode was overall very enjoyable and a fun side adventure. The traps the Empire are starting to lay for the Rebels are building to a major battle and loss. With the last few weeks being more side missions apart from the main narrative the show needs to move forward in the next couple of weeks. The show has a week off and then a new one episode drops. Hopefully the next episode starts building towards the overall narrative of the season and we get to see what Thrawn is planning.

What did you think of this episode? Did you enjoy the ride or where you expecting more? Comment and let me know. Like share subscribe and all that fun stuff. 

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