Sunday, July 12, 2015

True Detective Down Will Come S2E4 Review (Spoilers!) Well at Least the action was good

Well at the least the action was good. That is the only redeeming aspect of this week’s episode. I feel it was just thrown on so we could have an action sequence. They caught the guy they think might have killed Casper. We know it’s not, and Ray know it isn’t since Frank told him about the other murder. It’s a serial killer on the loose. We are halfway through the season, and on the next episode they are finally going to start hunting for the right suspect. I’m almost done with this season. I’ll keep watching, but I’m not sure I’m going to be tuning in on Sunday nights anymore. I may wait for the final four to be released and binge them. I keep waiting for some payoff, but nothing is happening, besides the action sequence at the end.
The action at the end was gory and brutal. It was well shot, and intense. It had a realistic vibe running through it. Collin Farrell was perfect, hands shaking at the end showing adrenaline wearing off, and realizing the mess all around them.  He continues to be the saving grace of the show. Taylor Kitsch and his character looked at home during the action, which is some of his best acting this season.  Rachael McAdams character was even unbearable this week, spouting weird lines along with Frank. Vince Vaughn was a little more tolerable, or I’m just slowly getting used to his character.
Some of the best sequences continue to be when two detectives are in the car together. They missed the mark slightly this week.. Ray talking to Paul about a bender seemed forced and awkward. Ray and Ani scenes where good this week, but still weren’t the best. I did laugh out loud one time with a crack Ani or Ray made. I don’t remember the line now, but hey a laugh is a good thing.  One of the few good things in the episode.
The ending was respectable, and made the episode worth watching. I still get the feeling the whole episode was just waiting for the ending. Nothing else of importance happened, other than Frank establishing his power base. Nothing was moved forward for the overall case. Ani got suspended, but I don’t get that storyline. Why give her more trouble? I’m ok with struggle for characters, but for stuff that isn’t complete bullshit. I know that’s part of the point, but I don’t see it going anywhere for the overall story. I guess it will with the weird Mayor angle. I still expect him to have more to do with plot. I’m still calling the son or someone in their family having something to do with the murder.
I don’t have any real desire to figure out the mystery. I did last year. I don’t want to compare this year to last, but I’m going to nowJ. It was a good mystery last year, and the tension of the season kept building. You wanted to know what was going happen. I don’t have that feeling this year. I’m not as invested in the murder or the case. Maybe if the detectives actually knew about the second victim we would get some more movement. I don’t know. I’m just not digging this season. I want to get behind it and like it, but the story isn’t giving me anything to like. Again I’m left waiting for next week. Maybe the second half of the season will be redeeming.

My Rating: Blah

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