Monday, July 6, 2015

True Detective Maybe Tomorrow S2E3 Review Spoilers! : Less Vaughn would be a good thing!

Maybe Tomorrow restored some faith in this season for me. I know we are only three episodes in, but last week really was FUBAR. To start with Collin Farrell’s character isn’t dead. For me he is the best aspect of the season. He is carrying the episodes as an actor, and in general his character is the only one you are rooting for. Everyone else is just kind of blah for me. Racheal McAdams is holding her own, but I don’t think they are giving her enough to work with yet. Which is becoming my major gripe for this season. There are too many damn characters and storylines. Let’s stick with our three main detectives and get the case rolling. This weeks was a little more focused than last week, and we did get some advancement on our overall story.
To reiterate, Collin Farrell was great this week. He seems to be the only character who is trying to overcome his issues, or seen trying at least.  The first scene was a little trippy, and we didn’t know if he was alive or dead. I liked the wake up line, “I pissed myself.” It was a good chuckle after going so deep with the near death dream. Much stronger start than last week’s Vaughn monologue. Though WTF was going on with that song to start the episode?? It was good, just trippy. I like that he is struggling with how much he wants to reveal to Ani, and how much he wants to solve the murder. The confrontation with Frank was strong, and it was interesting to see Ray think Frank walked him into getting shot.  I like he is trying to sober up, to not dull his anger. I think an angry Ray is an interesting RayJ.
Ray doesn’t have many interactions with Ani, and I feel Ani didn’t have much of an impact on the episode overall. One thing I didn’t get was the suggestion by the state investigator to push Ray hard. Even suggesting she flirt and tempt him with sex to get him to reveal how dirty he is. Ani’s character was very dubious of this, and well she should be. Just not sure how realistic it would be for a senior official to even make this suggestion. I think they may even make a romantic interlude with Ani and Ray at some point, but they will both be willing if that does happen. Ani has more interactions with Paul, Taylor Kitsch, this week. They seemed play off each other well, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them together. The e-cigarette running joke, probably should have been left on the editing room floor. We now know for sure that Paul is gay. I think they probably should have just stuck with one issue instead of two for this character.  Have him be PTSD or Gay, not both. Though I do think him struggling with his homosexuality is more of an issue for the character than his PTSD. Taylor did do ok this week, it still isn’t the best, and I’m not sure about the character. He was still better than Vince Vaughn.
Can someone off Frank already? The weird existential criminal is getting old and we are only three episodes in. I did like his fight scene and the interaction with Ray.  Though they were both still filled with clunky dialogue. I’m not sure if it is the dialogue or Vaughn’s delivery that is the issue, but something isn’t right. I like Vince Vaughn and I really wanted him to be good in this role, but he isn’t pulling it off. I was very optimistic when I heard he was cast, and thought he would be good. I was dead wrong, or I have been for the first three episodes. Hopefully I am eating crow by the end of the season, but I don’t see it happening. Now, does anyone actually think the killer is trying to mess with Frank? I don’t think so, I think it is a deranged serial killer. Frank messing with this scene of the murder will come back to bite him in the ass.
Okay the last WTF moment of the episode. Why have the scene with the Mayor’s family? It was really pointless, unless the Mayor’s kid is going to play a bigger role. Maybe he’s the killer?? Not sure, but I don’t see another reason for the scene. It was just odd, the same with the scenes with the mayor last week. Not getting those character’s at all.
This week was better than last week. Ray and Ani are good together, and I hope they continue to build their relationship. I’m still going to be tuning in every week, just because the story is interesting, and I am invested. Hoping the storylines get trimmed down and we focus more on our main detectives. PLEASE LESS VAUGHN!

My Rating: Better than last week, good episode overall.

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