Sunday, July 19, 2015

True Detective Other Lives S2E5 Review (Spoilers!): I think that was good??

I’m really at a lost now for this show. This episode was probably my favorite of the season so far, but it still had some issues. I actually felt a connection with most of the characters in this episode. Most of the other episodes have been a lost cause in the connection and caring department. If we take Vaughn out of this episode it would have rivaled many of the episodes of last season. This is one of the only times this season, the gunfight excluded, where I have felt true tension watching the show.
I’ll start with the obvious Colin Farrell was great again. Ray has a very tenuous grip on his life right now. He quit the police force after the shooting and his fighting to still be in his son life (One strange thing about the episode is the time frame. We are left guessing about how much time has passed between the shooting and now. It seems like’s weeks, but it could have been months.) This all comes crashing down as he realizes the guy he killed for the rape of his wife wasn’t the person who did it. Frank played him, so he could get Ray in his pocket. The ending tonight was fantastic, with Ray going to Frank’s house and demanding a talk. We also got to see Ray beat on the doctor from a few episodes back. It another brutal beating scene, but very well done. The spittle running out of the doctor’s mouth was disgusting, but added to overall authenticity of the scene. This also adds to the overall investigation of the original crime of Casper. We actually got some movement on the main murder mystery this week. Hey were only 3 episodes away from finishing, guess it is about time.
Ani, Rachel McAdams, was back to being my second favorite this week. Her storyline was more focused, and I liked the interactions she had with everyone this week. The scene for her sexual harassment counseling was not needed for the episode, but it still was funny. I can’t help but feel this episode should have happened last week. If we would have gotten actual movement on the case, and then also got the shootout it would have been masterful. I know, for the overall story, that would not have made sense. However, there would have been tension building up to the gunfight, instead of the convoluted mess of last week. The scene at the cabin in the woods was creepy, and them finding a crime scene was great. I expected another body, but I like adding to the mystery. Paul and Ani’s interaction during the scene was well done, and them together is almost as enjoyable as Ray and Ani.
Paul’s storyline was a bit better this week too. I liked the interaction with his fiancĂ©e and her mother. I feel if he doesn’t have to carry a scene he does well, but if he is the main focus the execution goes down a bit. The scene with his mother was unnecessary, and ludicrous storytelling. Could you really expect to keep 20,000 dollars in a bag, in a trailer with a white trash mother? Come on man!! She was spending that money the day he left it. The only reason the scene existed was so his Mom could call him out on being gay. Don’t really get how we are supposed to buy into that storyline. At least it was better than Frank’s.
And then we come to the dark hole of the television show. Frank. Why have him in the show? I am hoping it all ties together, but I think the show would have worked much better without having a gangster with a conscious. Three main characters for an eight episode television show could have worked (maybe). Four is way too many, especially when one is Vince Vaughn playing a pseudo-Trent from Swingers.  The whole episode focused on his relationship with his girlfriend Sondra (Kelly Reilly). Do we care if they have a kid? Should we care if they have a kid or adopt? I don’t, and it took up valuable show time to see them discuss. Maybe it will all come together for Frank’s character in the last three episodes since he is going to be working against Ray and the other detectives to find the missing hard drive.
This is why this episode should have happened sooner. The detectives racing Frank to find the killer.  I assume this is where the season is heading. I still am seeing the Governor’s son having something to do with the murder. There is no other reason to have those characters in the show. This episode was by far my favorite of the season, because you could actually see the story moving forward, not standing still like it nearly did for the first four episodes. Hopefully we are in for a wild ride for the last three and the season is salvageable.

My Rating: Minus Frank the episode was First Season Worthy

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