Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Star Wars Shattered Empire #1 Comic Review/Discussion (Spoilers!): Journey to Force Awakens Moving at a Snail’s Pace

Ok, got to figure out a way not to be so hyped for all the new books/comics coming out for Star Wars. I keep expecting more than what I’m getting. I’m not sure what I was expecting in one episode of a four issue comic. I was hoping for more information on what was happening after the Battle for Endor. What we got in issue #1 was half the comic set during the Battle of Endor and the after party.  We then get a few more pages about another attack on the moon.
I liked the new character, Shara Bey. She’s an A-wing pilot and there are some great panels of her flying during the Battle of Endor. We soon learn her husband was part of the special assault group on Endor with Han and Leia. She finds her husband, they spend the night together and the next morning they go and attack another outpost on the Endor. This is the entire first issue. There isn’t anything else in it, besides a few panels of Lando explaining what he did to the Falcon.
I know this is just the introduction issue, and we will be getting more story in the subsequent installments. I just was expecting a bit more movement and development. I do like the new heroine, and her husband as a special assault trooper. I’m left wondering if we are not going to any stories around are big three on the journey to force awakens. This would be disappointing, and I’m assuming we are going to get something. There is a ton of story to be told in thirty years. I just hope they don’t completely neglect the main heroes during this time period. New characters are great, and do expand the universe, but I still want some of the old bread and butter.
One thing that does stand out in this first issue is the stunning artwork. I'm new to comics, and evaluating artwork is not a strong suite of mine. I did love the art in this book though. It’s vibrant and leaps off the page at you. The artwork alone is worth owning the comic. I've enjoyed looking at all art in the other Star Wars comics, but this one stands out.
Not much else can be said about this comic. We are just being introduced to Shara and her husband, Kes Dameron(who is probably Poe Dameron's father from episode 7), and we don’t really spend much time with them. They seem in love and ready to move on with their life after the war is over. Han makes a statement at the end of the comic saying the war is far from over. This is the setup for the rest of the issues. Let’s hope the pace picks up a bit and we get to turtle speed instead of a snail’s pace on our trek to episode seven.
What did you think of Shattered Empire? Where you underwhelmed like me? Did you like the artwork?

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