Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Star Wars Lando #4 Comic Review/Recap (Spoilers): Potential Hints to The Force Awakens??

Sorry, I’m going to pat myself on the back a bit. I predicted the bounty hunter, Chanath, was a women, and that she might know Lando in my reviews of issue numbers #2 and #3. I’m sure many others figured it out as well, but it was satisfying when she took off her helmet. The fourth issue of Lando overall was another strong installment in the series. I’m hoping they decide to do another run in the future with this same team. The last issue of this run should be extremely interesting. The fourth installment did a fantastic job of building anticipation for the climatic and conclusive issue.
At the start of the issue Chanath is sneaking onto the Imperialis. While she is infiltrating Lando and Korin are discussing the value of all the sith artifacts in the room. One of the warriors, Aleskin, starts starring at one of the sith artifacts. He picks up a lightsaber and cuts off his partner’s hand.  Lando and Korin freak out and get out of the room. Korin wants to escape, and Lando wants to stay so he can capitalize on the huge score. Korin points out the sith artifacts could have affected Aleskin and made him change. Interesting concept, and I’m wondering if it will play into episode 7.  Maybe Kylo started hunting down the relics and it slowly turned him to the dark side. Maybe even Lando makes a cameo in the movie and gives some exposition to our heroes. An old Billy Dee Williams is better than no Billy DeeJ.
The warriors keep fighting with each other, and Lando and Korin keep arguing the merits of leaving or staying. While this is going on Korin disables the escape pods to capture the thief’s on the ship. Lando is trying to reason with Korin, when he realizes Korin has been ambushed. Lando decides to save Korin, but Chanath recognizes him and reveals herself. It was a great reveal, and it’s one of the only ways I thought Lando could get out of this situation alive. Chanath is trusted by the Emperor and can come up with something to help him survive this ordeal.
First they are going to have to deal with both of the warriors who were brought along. They both look to be infected by the powerful sith artifacts. The warriors were able to take out two handpicked Imperial guards.  This means it should be one fantastic fight between them and Chanath. It will make for an interesting conclusion. What type of scheme will Lando come up with to get out of the ship, and still make money? The events of this comic are supposed to set him up on Cloud City, so he will have to palm one of the artifacts or two. Maybe he keeps one and this starts Kylo, who I still think is a Solo or Skywalker, on his darkside path.
Lando is my favorite of the Star Wars comics. It was close between this and Kanan for a while, but Lando has surpassed it. The hints of what potential sith artifacts can do to people is a great tie in to The Force Awakens. I’m not sure if we will get more information on this in the next issue, but I am hoping Lando pockets an artifact. I want the next issue in my hand now to find out what is going to happen. I might be new to comics, but not to good storytelling. The Lando comic is great storytelling and is adding to the overall mythos of the Star Wars universe. Bring on the final issue!!

What do you think about the Lando comic? Is it your favorite? What did you think of Chanath being a women? Do you like that sith artifacts can affect individuals? Comment and let me know. 

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