Friday, August 28, 2015

Star Wars Lando #3 Comic Book Review/Discussion (Spoilers!): Treasure Ship

The first two issues of the Lando comic have been fantastic. The third is a little slower, but it does a great job setting up the final two issues. These first three editions have been so well done, I would be ecstatic if they continued the series. They could go back before this arc starts and give us more backstory. Basically what I’m saying is; GIVE ME MORE LANDO!
This issue starts off immediately following the events of the second. Imperial guards had jumped out of a door and stabbed Lobot. The twins Lando brought along for the heist engage the guards while Lando and his other crew member, Korin, take Lobot to the medical bay. Lobot in Empire Strikes Back is a very minor character and doesn’t have any actual dialogue. The events in this comic could have explained why.  The computer interface on his head take over if he is too injured. Lando and Korin get him to a bacta tank, but aren’t sure if they are in time to save Lobot’s individuality. Charles Soule, the author, does a fantastic job of capturing Lando mood after trying to save Lobot. He’s devastated and also extremely frightened by the realization he has stolen the Emperor’s personal starship.
Lando and Korin go to help the twins finish off the Imperial guards. By the time they get back to them the guards are dead. This is the one issue I had with this book. We saw a few panels of the twins fighting the Imperial guards, but we didn’t get to see the finishing shots. I would have liked to see them finish the guards off, the panels I did see where well done (or they were for me, I’m a big newb when it comes to the actual art of comics). It’s a minor gripe and it is solely because I have always wanted to see the Imperial guards in action. Maybe we will during this season of Rebels.
The issue splits time with Lando and the bounty hunter who has started to hunt him. The bounty hunter, Chanath Cha, meets a droid who invites him/her onto a ship. The ship is special since it formerly belonged to Dark Maul. It is specifically calibrated to track down the Emperor’s ship. Chanath Cha seems like a complete bad ass. He/She seems completely capable of tracking Lando down and dealing with him and anyone else. I do have a theory about Chanath though. I think Chanath is a women.
I posed this idea in my last Lando review. Here me out. The Emperor has Chanath on speed dial. She dropped her current job and jumped to the Emperors bidding. Lando during the comic says he used to date an Imperial guard. I think Chanath is this former Imperial Guard. Once she catches up to Lando it will be revealed and she won’t be able to turn him over to the Emperor. I might be completely off my rocker, but I see threads. Chanath is locked onto the signal of the Emperor’s ship and we should see her catch up to Lando in the next issue.

The issue ends with Lando examining the room the Imperial Guards were guarding. The room is stock full of sith artifacts. Korin just happens to be a Jedi historian and can enlighten Lando on how valuable the score is. The question is, how Lando can sell the artifacts. This has to be the score that sets him up on Cloud City. It should make for an exciting last two issues with him having to escape from Chanath and move the materials. He has to do this and still remain anonymous to the Emperor. If you haven’t read Lando yet, pick it up, it is well worth the read and is probably my favorite Star Wars comic with Kanan being a very close second. 

Comment and let me know what you think of Lando. Let me know if my idea of Chanath being a women is plausible

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