Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Star Wars Fan Theory: Might as well add my voice to the nonsense

As for many, Star Wars holds a special place in my heart. I was too young to see A New Hope and Empire in the theaters, but I do remember seeing Return of Jedi. I then of course saw the special edition releases. This all culminating in the disappointments that where the prequels. I will admit walking out of A Phantom Menace pleased, and being so excited I had seen Star Wars movie with a new story. The excitement didn’t hold up after the second viewing. Attack of the Clones is horrendous for its love story, and weird twisting plot. Revenge of the Sith is the best of the bunch, but it suffers on how quickly Anakin becomes Vader. It isn’t a slow decent into darkness, the Emperor almost flips a switch to make him evil.  I, like many, am extremely excited for The Force Awakens, maybe even more than I was for Phantom Menace. We get to see Han, Luke, and Leia one more time. I devoured expanded universe books to read more of their adventures. To get a new definitive story on what has happened to our heroes is stupendous.
I haven’t really read other fan theory’s on what people think is going to happen.  They probably are not going to use much from the old EU, but they would be silly not to draw on some of this material. Even if this material isn’t cannon, many of the ideas are solid. From piecing information from some of my EU knowledge, along with the trailers and Abrams comments I have come up with some thoughts on what is going to happen. What I’m going to hypothesize is probably completely wrong, but I’m going to have fun doing it anyway.
The movie opens with Finn. He’s a disingenuous stormtrooper. I do think he is a stormtrooper. He just isn’t happy being one. Something happens which forces him to make a quick decision and betray the First Order. Finn is seen holding a lightsaber in the movie poster. He could be discovering his force powers, and someone sees him using the force. This causes him to make a quick escape, stealing a Tie Fighter and destroying the hanger as he flees. He then crashes onto the planet Jakku were he meets and gets the help of Rey (Solo).
Rey’s last name is either Solo or Skywalker. I am leaning towards Solo over Skywalker. Rey is on Jakku either hiding out or hunting for Jedi relics. She is in a race to find more relics than her twin brother Kylo Ren. Kylo is not a sith lord, but member of the Knights of Ren. A new type of force user who practices in the dark side. Rey is on a mission to find as many force artifacts before her brother finds them. Her staff that we have seen in a few of the trailers and images could be one of these relics. Rey notices the crashed Tie Fighter and goes to investigate. Rey senses Finn is a force user and decides to help him. They must then escape the First Order and Captain Phasma who begins to hunt them down.
During this same time Kylo Renn finds some kind of powerful sith relic which could shift the balance of power. Han and Leia find out about this because of a battle Poe Dameron has with the Knights of Ren and their followers. I think there are three factions in the movie. The Resistance (Rebels), The Knights of Ren and followers (Dark force users and factions of former Empire), and the First Order (another offshoot of the Empire, but without force users). Han goes to hunt down Rey and let her know what Renn has found. Han is able to track Rey because he has a tracking device on the Millennium Falcon.
Han let Rey have the Falcon for her quest, but once he and Chewie step back aboard we get the line “Chewie we’re home.”  They have to make a daring escape from Jakku to get past the First Order. Once they get back to The Resistance, they need to go and find Uncle Luke. Luke is living like a hermit in seclusion because he failed to train Kylo to be a Jedi. Kylo turned to the darkside and followed in the footsteps of Anakin. Rey wants to find Luke so he can train Finn. Rey is already a Jedi and knows there needs to be more in order to face Kylo and Supreme Leader Snoke (leader of the Knights of Ren). Luke reluctantly comes out of hiding when he hears about the artifact Kylo has tracked down.
While this is going on the First Order is hunting Finn, but also gearing up for a major battle against The Resistance. During this time I think the First Order and The Knights of Ren merge to annihilate The Resistance. . Leia, who is the leader of The Resistance, has to figure out a way to get more support and unite the galaxy behind her cause. This will culminate in a three or four part struggle.  We will have a lightsaber duel, a ground battle, and space battle. It’s during this fight that not everyone from the original trilogy survives. All signs point to Han Solo being killed off.  Harrison Ford wanted Lucas to kill him off in Return of the Jedi. This fact, along with some of his statements during comic-con feel like a farewell tour. It also could be a big smoke screen. Luke could be the one who doesn’t survive.
I don’t want Luke to die, but the wise Jedi sage has been killed off in the first movie of each trilogy. It doesn’t make much sense here because he should be the only remaining Jedi who can train Finn, unless Leia is a fully trained Jedi Master at this time. I really don’t want any of the main original cast to be killed off, but I think we are definitely getting at least one. After the main battle, The Resistance wins a decisive victory.  Kylo and Snoke escape. The former leader of the First Order, General Hux, is killed during the battle. With him out of the way Kylo and Snoke take command of the First Order. They regroup to make another attack against The Resistance in Episode 8.

This all of course is complete and utter speculation. I do think there are probably a few nuggets of truth in my hypothesis of what the story could be. It is fun to think and talk about, or at least it is to me. I do want to be surprised on the day the movie comes out, but a part of me can’t help but speculate on what is going to happen with these new characters. 

Let me know what you think. Am I completely off my rocker? Could I be right about a few things? Let me know your theories on what you think will happen in The Force Awakens.  

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