Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Star Wars Kanan #5 Comic Book Review/Discussion (Spoilers!): A Fitting End

This book marks the end of the secret history of Kanan from the Star Wars show Rebels. If you are a fan of the show you should try to pick up these five books. At the end of the 4th issue Kanan had been captured by two Imperial Clone Troopers. This issue showed his eventual escape and the end of his relationship with the smuggler Kashmir.  It was a fun book and had a good amount of action and story
I really enjoyed the first part of the issue. We see Kanan help captive by the Imperials. They come to his holding cell and start talking. One can wonder why they are talking and not just killing Kanan, but it’s what Kanan says that gives the clones pause.  He implores them to remember his master, to think if she was truly was a traitor. He asks them to think who the true traitor is. The Emperor benefited the most from the fall of the Jedi. Without the Jedi he was able to craft his dictatorship. This message gave one of the clones cause to think. It also gave Kanan enough time to escape his bonds and use the force.
Kashmir also shows up and tries save Kanan. I’m not sure I buy Kanan’s escape. It was cool, blowing himself out of the airlock, but not that believable. I would have rather seem him fight his way to an escape pod. The escape was dramatic and Kashmir was able to pick him up from the depths of space. I liked the banter between Kashmir and Kleeve. They address that they don’t understand why they are going after Kanan. Smugglers with hearts of gold are always a good tropes in Star Wars.
Best part of the comic was the clone realizing he betrayed the Jedi. He lowers the shields allowing the two smuggler ships to destroy him. It’s a great storyline to open up. What did the clones think of order 66? I have always assumed it was programmed into their DNA. It was nice to see the clones can stop and reflect upon the order and what they did. I am assuming the upcoming season of Rebels is going to address this issue with Cody being a character.
The ending was spot on with Kanan as a character. He wants to sever all ties and attachments.  We see this at the beginning of Star Wars A New Dawn. By the end of the book he has started on the road to the man we see in Rebels. At the end of the comic he beats up Kashmir and takes one of the ships. This starts his adventures until Hera meets up with him and he joins her band. I am hoping we get to see some of the adventures during this time. It looks like the next comic is going to deal with the Rebels crew. As long as they keep the same tone as the past five it should be just as good as these first adventures.

What are your thoughts on the first five books of Kanan? Enjoy them or hate them? 

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