Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Star Wars Lando #2 Comic Book Review/Discussion (Spoilers!): Renaissance Man

I have really enjoyed the first two issues of the Lando comic. They have really captured the essence of the character. I can imagine Billy Dee Williams speaking the lines in my head while I read. The first two have really set the stage for a good adventure story. I wasn’t a huge fan of Lando in the movies, but as I have grown older he’s slowly become a favorite.  The first two issues have surprised me in how much fun they are. Lando is talented at many trades, and if he isn’t, he can fake it until he makes it.
The second issue starts where Lando has just stolen a ship belonging to the Emperor. It was a great heist scene from the first issue. They are trying to escape the star system when three Star Destroyers drop in front of them. We get to see how awesome the ship, Imperialis, is. It’s able to automatically take out gravity well mines. Lando does some quick thinking and is able to escape into hyperspace. The scene really captures Lando. He uses two of the Star Destroyer’s tractor beams against each other. Causing them to lock onto each other and collide. During the moment he says he has done the maneuver a thousand times. He later admits he had done the maneuver a thousand times, just in his head. Great sequence, and perfect for his character.
I had one issue with the comic, a line one of the Imperials said. A Commodore makes the claim, “1 million credits for the person who brings me that ship”. I don’t see an Imperial making this statement. They give orders and their underlings follow them. If they don’t do a good job they have the very real possibility of being punished physically for their failure. There were a few other lines which didn’t fit in the issue, but overall it’s very well done.
After Lando escapes the system we jump to a scene with a bounty hunter. It was a little out of place, before the hunter gets a call from the Emperor. I loved what the bounty hunter did to his current target. He literally had to drop everything. I am intrigued with what they will do with this bounty hunter character. He or She is named Chanath Cha. I say it could be a she, because I would love to see Lando end up seducing her if it is a female. The Emperor gives Chanath the task of tracking down his ship, since the fleet seems to be having a hard time doing it.
Lando and his crew investigate the ship and find it is stock full of treasure. They get to keep everything in the ship for themselves, and it looks to be a huge score. This is probably the score which sets Lando up on Bespin. It will be interesting to see where they take the series and if it leads right into him gaining the gas mine. The cliffhanger is great for the issue. The Emperor’s guards are some of the most menacing figures from the original trilogy we never get to see in action. I am now eagerly awaiting the next issue to see them kick ass and how Lando gets the better of them.
My Rating: Great Read
What did you think of the comic? Love it? Hate it? Is my theory of the bounty hunter being female crazy? Comment and let me know.

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