Thursday, August 20, 2015

Star Wars #8 Comic Book Review/Discussion (Spoilers): We find out if Han is Married (Kind Of)!

The last issue of the main Star Wars Comic was an adventure about Obi Wan Kenobi. We read along with Luke as he found out how Old Ben had watched over him while he was growing up. It’s a great issue, and it stands alone without having to read any others. This issue goes back to our three main characters and what they are doing. When we last left Han and Leia a bounty hunter showed up on the planet they were hiding on and dropped a huge bombshell. She claimed to be Han’s wife! This issue starts right after she dropped this little nugget of information.  
We are left wondering if Han is truly married or not. He claims he isn’t married to Sana. She claims he is, and wants him to ditch the act and help her turn Leia in for a huge bounty.  At the start of the comic Sana has a gun on Leia, by the end of the comic Leia is able to turn the table and get the upper hand on her and…. Han?? I have a bit of an issue with this in the relation to Leia’s character. I don’t think Leia would believe Han is running a long con on her. Look at everything he has done. He came back and helped blow up the death star. He helped infiltrate an Imperial base and gave his real name. The Imperials now know who he is and that he is part of the Rebellion.  Why would he do this just to turnaround and give Leia to the Imperials? It doesn’t make sense. Leia should realize that Sana is probably not being completely honest.
It was an interesting scene, even if I don’t think Leia would believe Sana. The comedy of Han trying to work his way out of the situation is well done. He is completely thrown for a loop and it really comes across well in the comic. I think having Han spot on during this sequence saves it for me. If Han would have acted out of character this issue would have been lost. Having him implore Leia to believe Sana is not his wife and trying to reason with Sana is perfect for Han. Sana seems a bit unhinged as a character, and I am assuming we are going to get to see more of this in later issues. We end our time with them with Tie Fighters and bombers descending to either kill or capture them. It was a good cliffhanger for the issue to end on.
Luke starts his own adventure during the issue. He wants to find more out about the Jedi, and decides to go to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Not the smartest place for him to travel too. To get to Coruscant he jumps to Nar Shaddaa, the Hutt home world. He makes the mistake of walking into a bar and announcing he is looking to travel to Coruscant. The bartender or leader in the bar quickly tries to kill Luke. Didn’t he learn anything from the cantina in Mos Eisley? He then uses his lightsaber, and it then gets stolen. Not sure I really like this sequence. If he really wanted to go to Coruscant, don’t you think the Rebellion would be the better place to start with help infiltrating it?  It would have made more sense, and it still would be an awesome couple of comics with them finding a way to infiltrate the capitol world. I’m ok with him having to chase down his lightsaber, and then get to the temple. I just would have preferred a different story line.
I liked this book, but it had a couple of problems. There wasn’t a ton of action and they used this addition to set up the next few issues. The main line isn’t my favorite of all of the comics to come out, but that’s like choosing chocolate over candy. Both are great I just prefer one over the other. The issue did a great job of setting up what is to come and it will be interesting to see where they take it. I am hoping Luke does make it to Coruscant, and Han can explain his crazy wife situation.

What did you all think of the comic? Did you like the interaction between the Han, Leia and Sana? Do you think it was plausible for Luke to walk into another dangerous bar? Would you have rather seen him go back to the Rebellion and they infiltrate Coruscant spy style? Let me know what you think. 

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