Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Star Wars Rebels S2E7 Blood Sisters Review/Recap (Spoilers): Sabine was a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter?!?

Blood Sisters is another episode of Star Wars Rebels that would benefit with more time to expand the story. It is a credit to the show where almost every episode leaves you wanting more. The problem with this episode is with all the action and excitement it didn’t leave enough time to develop the characters involved in the story. The show introduced Sabine’s former friend or “Blood Sister” Ketsu Onyo. She seems every bit as deadly as Sabine, but with less of a conscious.
Sabine is given a mission by Hera at the start of the episode to meet a contact and transport them to a Rebel outpost. The contact has important information which needs to be delivered safety. Ezra tags along, and reminds us we don’t really know much about Sabine.  This quickly changes once we meet up with Ketsu Onyo. She intercepts the courier, a power droid, and wants to sell it to make a profit. We learn Sabine and Ketsu were once Bounty Hunters and at the Imperial Academy together. Ketsu also abandoned Sabine in a dire a circumstance. This is disclosed before a group of Stormtroopers show up and complicates matters.
The action in this episode is fantastic. The fight between the Stormtroopers and the makeshift team is fast and intense. Sabine quickly escapes in a transport ship. Ketsu is left behind and makes quick and easy work of the Stormtroopers. Ketsu instantly becomes a force to be reckoned with on the show. In just one scene she shows how deadly she can be. Ketsu after she defeats the Stormtroopers chases down Sabine.
Ketsu catches Sabine and captures Chopper to ensure a trade for the droid with the information. Sabine has a good character moment at this point, saying she forgives Ketsu for leaving her for dead. She even goes as far to say that she trusts Ketsu. This is one part of the episode which I took issue with. Ketsu had just threatened to blow up Sabine. She would have if her weapons were not damaged. Why would Sabine all of a sudden make a declaration of trust? I get that they once knew each other and were friends, but to trust someone after they tried to kill you is a tad unbelievable.
This is another instance where I have to remind myself this show is geared towards older kids, and they probably aren’t going to be dissecting an episode. The scene did its job and let us know Sabine is a good person who had a troubled past. With a longer format though we could have let the story develop more and built more of a current trust between the characters.  After the declaration of trust the Imperials show up to take control of the ship Sabine stole. Ketsu and Sabine have to work together to escape the Imperial ship. Sabine is injured and Ketsu has to make a choice to save Sabine or let her die. She, of course, saves Sabine.
This change in Ketsu from someone who was willing to kill or injure Sabine is a bit too quick. It was just a few scenes before she was going to blow up Sabine in order to take possession of the droid. Then suddenly she is risking her life to save Sabine. Again this is why an hour long episode could be warranted. We could explore the connection these two characters have and why she would suddenly be willing to risk her life. More of a story could be developed and reasons shown why she chooses this option.  For the targeted demographic of the show this probably doesn’t matter. The character development is satisfactory and the choice made is the right one for a hero or anti-hero in the show.
This was another fun episode of Rebels and we were given some information on Sabine’s backstory. Even though Sabine is a loner on the crew, she believes in what she is fighting for. The action in the episode was amazing and fun. I thought the characters and relationship could have been developed more, but I don’t think this is the last we will see of Ketsu on Rebels. Sabine is a fan favorite because she is a bit of a mystery. Hopefully once her story is revealed the shine doesn’t wear off.  From the initial indications most signs point to no.

What did you think of tonight’s Rebels? Did you want more story and development between Ketsu and Sabine or did they find a good balance for the thirty minute episode? Comment and let me know. 


  1. Unless they go into the bounty hunter side of their pasts than I won't be as interested.

    I have noticed episode have gone by faster lately but I think that is just because its getting more entertaining. I only think there should be one hour long episode for a show if it has one continuous story. Like with now side plots like this show has.

    1. I'm not sure how much more they would go into the past, but I think them going on another mission together would be interesting. Then while on the mission we learn more about their past together. For me I just wanted their interactions to have more weight than they did, and a longer show could have accomplished that. Again that is me coming at it as an "adult" which is a term I use loosely for myself :-).

    2. Yeah I know what you mean, Ketsu's transformation went very quick. But that is really all you can do in 20 minutes.


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