Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E6 Always Accountable Review/Recap (Spoilers!): Abraham, Warrior Poet

“Cause loose ends make my ass itch” is solid gold, and is one of the highlights of the episode Always Accountable. The episode focused on Daryl, Sasha and everyone’s favorite solider Abraham. The episode balanced a bit of action with character development. We still did not get a definitive answer to the question on everyone’s mind. Is Glenn still alive? Was that his voice on the radio at the end of the episode? It sounded like it to me, but I hope it wasn’t. This little morsel was at the end of an ok episode, but not one which stands out amongst the first few of the season.
The episode got off to a quick start when Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham were attacked by an unknown group. They had to separate to escape from the attackers. Sasha and Abraham escaped and made their way to an office building while Daryl got stuck in the woods and made new friends. Honestly I feel like I need to watch the episode again just to catch everything Abraham was spouting off. He was saying lines in what seemed to be a poetry rhythm. One thing was clear, he and Sasha are headed for a romance. I’m not sure the Walking Dead has had another love triangle other than Shane, Rick, and Lori.
Abraham and Sasha’s scenes held half of the episode, and while they are well acted, I’m not sure their story adds much to the overall show. I care about both characters. Michael Cudlitz is one of my favorite actors, and he is fantastic as Abraham; however I’m not sure Sasha and Abraham should ever be one of the main focal points of an episode. Their interactions and revelations are good development, but I’m not sure they are needed for the main arc of the show. The scene with Abraham finding the RPG was amazing and well shot, but not really needed as far as character growth. I’m sure the RPG’s will come in handy down the roadJ.
Daryl got captured by a group of three people. They seem to be escaping from the people who attacked Daryl at the start to of the episode. They think Daryl belongs to the group hunting them down. Daryl being Daryl doesn’t try to make the people think he is something different. He knew if he tried they wouldn’t believe him. Instead he waits patiently for an opportunity to escape and takes it. Only to find he stole Insulin from them when he ran off. Daryl being the character who many people love (including me) makes the obvious decision to take the insulin back and save the girl who needs it. Daryl thinks he can trust them after he trades the insulin for a wood carving the man in the group is working on. How can a bad person still carve wood in this post-apocalyptic world?
I don’t think this group of three people is bad, but once they lose the insulin girl to a really strange walker attack, they have very little left to cling too. Daryl promises to take them back to Alexandria, but they choose the devil they know. They steal Daryl’s trusty crossbow and his motorcycle. Will this change’s Daryl’s opinion on searching for people to let into Alexandria? I don’t think it will. He seemed to reflect upon on this at the end when he looked at the wood carving. He didn’t make a wrong judgment about the people. Yes they stole his stuff, but they didn’t kill him. They were scared and alone and wanted to feel safe, so they went back to a place they knew. The unknown is always scarier. Daryl I think understands this and will want to continue to try and bring people back to Alexandria. Things work out for him when he finds the tanker truck and meets back up with Sasha and Abraham. We then get the cliffhanger of the week, when someone comes across the radio and asks for help.
The voice sounded like Glenn. I hope it’s not. I would love for Glenn to still be alive, but I also think it would be a detriment to the show overall. Yes people have come up with fan theories about how he could have stayed alive. Yes he might have been able to hide under the dumpster, but that possibility is extremely unlikely. How many days has it been since Nick killed himself? It has been at least three or four, maybe longer. Could he have survived that long under the dumpster? Maybe, but again extremely unlikely. If he has survived, every time they kill a main character from here to the end of the show it will be questioned at first, is he/she really dead?  Could he have survived? Anyone can die in this world at any time, and I think the show needed a main character to be killed to reinforce this ideal. I would have preferred someone other than Glenn, but I hope they commit and he serves that purpose.
Overall this episode was pure filler until we get to the end of the mid-season. We got character development from two of the lesser known people of the main group along with Daryl. It was well acted, and well written, but there didn’t seem to be any true danger or high stakes in the episode at any point. The last two episodes have been okay, but don’t compare to the amazing television the first four delivered. It’s an issue with a show as good as The Walking Dead. When episodes are fantastic, it makes the good episodes look mediocre. Here is to hoping the last two episodes before the mid-season break are fantastic.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Daryl still want to find people for Alexandria? How do you think the RPG’s Abraham found will be used in future episodes? And the big question of the night, was that Glenn’s voice? Comment and let me know. 

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