Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E5 Now Review/Recap (Spoilers!): Clean-up and Acceptance

The people of Alexandria are finally waking up to what the world outside its wall is truly like. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead focused on the aftermath of the Wolves raid and ramifications of the Walkers getting out of the quarry and surrounding the town. Death is circling the people of Alexandria and not many know how to deal or cope with what appears to be their impending doom. The episode was slower paced and had less emotional impact than any other installment of the year. It did not resonate as much as other episodes due to the fact we have not gotten attached to the characters in the town the way we have for the main group.
The big issue with tonight was there was no main story to get behind. We had a bunch of side stories and one big reveal to tide us over until we get back to the people who are outside the walls. The story followed a few Alexandrians. We saw Deanna starting to process her grief. She goes from hopeful to desperate in this episode. Deanna seems to want to let Rick take over, but I’m not sure that is the best for the town overall. I’m not sure Rick wants to take overall leadership for Deanna. She still needs to be the bridge for the Alexandrians. Rick is still and outsider and is not accepted by everyone. Deanna also had to deal with her son Spencer. He looked at one point to be a noble person by stopping the townspeople from raiding the food pantry. We found out later he was just selfish and wanted things to himself. Deanna must come to grips with her son and the rest of the townspeople so she can help lead them with Rick.
The other main Alexandrian we followed tonight was Jessie. She had to clean-up the mess she made after killing the wolf in her house. We saw her come to accept the life she is going to have to live in the new world. She had a big speech during the middle of the episode which seemed forced into the show. She just happens to walk by a house with a walker inside? She then kills it and a crowd gathers instantaneously? It didn’t make much sense, but it gave Jessie the opportunity to proclaim her revelations. I like her character and the scene was acted well, but I think they could have found more natural way for her to feelings known. We also saw at the end of the night that she accepted Rick. Life for everyone is too short, and I think she realized why fight something which feels right. It was an inevitable the two of them would get together. I’m glad they did not string it along any further than in tonight’s episode.
What they did string along is Glenn’s status. Is he alive or dead?  I happen to think he’s dead. The show can’t afford to have him alive. It would work against everything they have established during the course of the first five seasons. They tricked me during season two with Carol’s daughter, not this time. I hope they do not continue the apparent mystery as long as they did in season two. During the end credits it looked like we saw a brief picture of Glenn turning his head towards the camera. I tried to pause and get a frame to see if it was him and if he was turned into a walker, but I could never get it to pause to see a clear picture of his face.
Maggie is obviously worried about Glenn. She decides to go and look for him. Aaron decides to join her and they make a trip through the sewers to get around the horde of walkers at the gates. This was the best story and part of the episode tonight. The walker scare in the sewers was fantastic. Those zombies were some of the best of the series. Maggie having to push it away and have her hand go through the ribcage was gruesome. Shortly after this event Maggie drops the obvious bombshell that she is pregnant. This was a clear progression for Glenn and Maggie’s story. Glenn is “probably” dead and his presence on the show will still be felt when the baby arrives.
All the other aspects of tonight’s episode were not engaging or entertaining. It was an average episode overall. The first four have been spectacular, so they are afforded one which doesn’t deliver on all aspects.  I think the main reason tonight wasn’t as fulfilling is that we don’t relate to any of the people in Alexandria. We want them to know and understand the current world, and they are being dragged kicking and screaming into accepting it. Most of the people in the town aren’t likeable.  With a few exceptions, Aaron, Jessie and Deanna all seem to have strong characters and will add to the show. The rest are just cannon fodder. We probably aren’t supposed to relate to them, so when they are lost we don’t truly care one way or another. 
Tonight’s episode seemed more filler than exceptional. We got very little overall plot movement. We didn’t see Carol or Morgan. We don’t know what is happening with the people leading the main horde of walkers away. We don’t know what the other Wolves are planning. We needed this episode to highlight some of the main characters in Alexandria. While I didn’t care for it as much the previous weeks, it still served the purpose for the overall show.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Where you underwhelmed or think the character development of the Alexandrians well done? Comment and let me know. 

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