Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Star Wars Rebels S2E18 The Forgotten Droid Recap/Review (Spoilers!): Enjoyable Filler

This one was for the kids.
The Forgotten Droid is an enjoyable fun adventure with Chopper the droid that helped the Rebels find a permanent hidden base. This aside it didn’t have much overall impact on the show overall. I liked learning some of Chopper’s backstory and how Hera acquired him, but the episode could be easily forgotten. It’s a perfectly acceptable fun adventure, but I don’t see it adding much value to the season overall, other than finding a Rebel base.
The show is primarily for kids, so having episodes like this are expected, but coming off an episode as dark and ominous as two weeks ago is a missed opportunity. Shroud of Darkness felt like a setup to the conclusion of the season. The Forgotten Droid was another episode having a Rebel escape and befuddle the clumsy Empire. This has become by biggest complaint of the season, not having the Empire be menacing. The Empire shouldn’t feel so incompetent in the show, and the Rebels should face more challenges when going on missions. There never is much at stake when the team goes to accomplish a new goal.
This again is because this is a kid’s show, but I think they can still do a better job of making the overall Empire being a better villain. The Iinquisitors and Vader aside, the rest of the Empire have no chance against the Rebels on the show currently. I still liked the episode. Seeing Chopper make a friend and save him from Imperial service was fun to see. Sure the new droid is a Threepio clone, but he has a bit more style and nuance.
Knowing Chopper was part of the assault on Ryloth and a Y-Wing droid is interesting to know, and the action overall in the episode was also well done. Though I’m not sure why Sabine’s friend showed up randomly to help save the day. The episode is just fine, it’s just not special. Which is disappointing knowing we only have few episodes left in the season. I was hoping for more movement on the overall story arch, but we will just have to wait until next week.
I can’t even predict what I think will happen next after an episode like this, because it stands on its own. It seems out of place after the episodes leading up to it. Everything I predicted two weeks ago still holds true. The Inquisitors and the Empire will still find the new base, because Chopper has the tracking device with him. Maybe that will be found out next episode. At least kids will enjoy the episode and think it is fun. I’m ready for a live action gritty Star Wars show. I think we will get a movie version to a degree with Rogue One, but I would love to see something developed for Netflix like the Marvel shows.  

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you like it like I did, but are disappointed it was filler and didn’t deal with the main season arch? Comment and let me know. 


  1. It is interesting how we go from a serious episode to something like this!

    I wish they would find a way to interweave the filler with the main story, just so it doesn't feel like filler.

    1. I agree. This one should have really been at the first part of the season. It felt like they were building up the conclusion of the season, and this episode just didn't flow. If it was placed at the first part of the season I would have liked it more.