Friday, April 15, 2016

Alden Ehrenreich the New Han Solo?

A story from Deadline yesterday reported actor Alden Ehrenreich has now become the frontrunner to play Han Solo in the new standalone Han Solo film. The movie is scheduled to come out on May 25, 2018.  Ehrenreich is a relative unknown starring in a few films over the past couple of years. He was recently in the Coen Brothers film Hail Caesar, and was one of movies biggest standouts. He was fantastic in every scene of the film he was in, and his performance probably got him in the door for the Han Solo casting.
Do I like him for the role? He wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I’m obviously not a casting director.  Lucasfilm did a fantastic job casting Episode 7, and if Lord and Miller think he’s the right fit for the part I’m excited to see what he can do. The Han Solo movie overall isn’t one of the Star Wars Anthology films (yes I know there Star Wars Stories now, but I like anthology better) I was excited about.  I’ll have my butt in the seat on opening night, but I didn’t care to see an adventure of a young Han Solo. A book or comic about his origins for the new canon would have been enough for me. I’m excited that Lawrence Kasden wrote the script, and has a story to tell for the character he brought to life with his screenplays from the original trilogy.  Harrison Ford’s performance and Kasden’s writing made Han Solo into one of the most beloved characters in all of film.
It will be tricky for the actor who steps into Fords shoes, but I think someone talented enough can do it. Ewan McGregor is arguably the best part of the prequels with his performance of Obi-Wan Kenobi and he had big shoes to fill for that role as well. Granted not as big as the actor who is going to play Han Solo, but recasting can be done and done well.  If Ehrenreich does get the role and then the movie is good, he is talented enough to make the role his own and impress audiences.  I’m not sure when confirmation of who plays the part is going to be announced, but I do think the person who has the role already knows they are cast. I would have been okay with the other two frontrunners getting the part, leaning towards Taron Egerton over Jack Reynor. Egerton has just been in more movies recently and done a great job, and would instill the most confidence for the movie  Ehrenreich would be the second logical choice because of his performance in Hail Caesar, but he also isn’t as widely known so Lucasfilm has a chance to capitalize on the his obscurity. He isn’t known for his other work, so he can become the next Han Solo, instead of being recognized as another character first.  It's only a thought, and if they do go with Egerton it still wouldn’t be a bad decision, even if he is recognized as the spy from Kingsman.
I’ll be excited for the official announcement and we can prepare to see whoever is cast as Han Solo. I think the announcement will come sometime before Star War Celebration this summer with the actor making his first appearance at the convention. This coupled with another Star Wars Rogue One trailer should make for a great event.
What do you think of Alden Ehrenreich? Did you see Hail, Creaser? If you did what did you think of his performance? If not, are you going to watch if he is the one who gets cast for Han Solo? 

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