Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Should We Be Worried About Star Trek Beyond?

The new Star Trek movie is only a few months from being released and all is quiet on the Paramount studios front. The movie went through reshoots in March, but that isn't a big concern with a major motion picture. Every blockbuster has time built in to go back and reshoot scenes that may not look as good, or flow as well as initially thought. It is a little strange that an entirely new character was introduced in the shoots, but it's still not a big red flag.
Aside from this though there seems to be very little marketing behind the movie yet, and it is set to be released in three months. Think about how much marketing we were starting to see for Star Wars in October. Granted, since this is the third movie in the rebooted franchise it won't have as much hype as Star Wars, but this is also the 50th anniversary of the when the first episode of Star Trek aired on television. There should be more buzz about this movie, and events planned leading up to it.
There is a big media conference going on in Las Vegas for Cinema owners, and usually studios will show clips from upcoming movies at the conference. Paramount decided to show clips from Baywatch instead of Star Trek. Many critics and other attending at the conference were very surprised Paramount didn't release any new footage of the film.
This is the big tent pole movie which will make Paramount's summer. Maybe they don't feel the need to market the movie because they had such a fantastic previous year with Furious 7 and Jurassic World. I would think this would be the opposite. They have money to spare after a great year and could put more buzz and hype around this movie. This movie should be getting a full marketing blitz, and instead we have one poorly made (in my opinion) trailer.
The marketing blitz could be coming, but there is very little Star Trek buzz out there right now. There should be more. Star Wars has stole some thunder, but they could be working to get some back. Maybe we will get another trailer this week since Star Wars dropped Rogue One last week. Star Trek needs to be on people's minds so the movie can be a big box office draw.
The other side of this is that the studio is worried about the movie and aren't happy with what has been developed. They don't want to put on a full market blitz because they know the finished product isn't going to be good. I'm hoping this isn't the case, but if we don't start to see the marketing for this movie start to ramp up the only conclusion is that Paramount is trying to hide the film to a degree.
Let me know what you think. Is it time to get worried about the movie because of the lack of marketing, or do you think the big push is coming in the next few months?

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