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Captain America: Civil War - Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War Mo...

Do all superheroes have mommy issues?
Captain America Civil War starring Chris Evans, Robert Downy Jr., and directed by the Russo brothers. The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic universe tells the story of how the governments of the world want to put handcuffs on the Avengers. The collateral damage of the world’s greatest heroes has started to pile up, and world leaders want to tell the Avengers when they should and shouldn’t act. This idea doesn’t sit well with Captain America who doesn’t want his team beholden to anyone. He doesn’t want a group of bureaucrats sending him somewhere for their benefit and not to a place they are truly needed. Tony Stark feels the Avengers need to be put in check or they are no better than the villains they fight.
Flashback to the first two Iron Man films. Look at how Tony Stark as a character has changed from those films. If that Tony Stark would have been presented with the Sokovia accords he would have laughed at them. He wouldn’t want any type of government to have any control over him or his suits. In fact he worked extremely hard in the first two films to ensure his technology did not end up in the government hands. While I still think he would fight to turn his tech over to the government, he is still willing to be put in check now because of all the damage he has caused. He doesn’t trust himself after creating Ultron and other events leading up to this movie. What is great about Civil War is if you didn’t know how much Tony has changed his point view is still valid. Those who have watched the previous films can appreciate the characters growth, but they aren’t necessary for enjoying this film.
If one movie would be crucial to understanding the motivations of the characters in this film it would be Winter Soldier. That film gives the backstory on the relationship between Steve and Bucky and how far Steve will go to save his friend. Civil War, even with the numerous characters shown on screen, is very much a Captain America film. The movie does a great job of examining both sides of the argument. Whatever side you fall on, you can understand why both sides feel the way they do. It isn’t clear for the audience which side you should be pulling for, that was one of the points of the movie and they pull it off brilliantly. The story fits together so well. You are taken along for a fun enjoyable ride, but with heavy stakes for both sides. The story is great, and then you throw in the amazing action.
There are a few actions sequences in this movie that are simply stunning. Yes everyone is rightly talking about the funny and exciting airport scene, in which Spiderman stole the show, but there are other action sequences which are also enjoyable. The opening action sequence was equal or better than the opening action sequence in Winter Solider.  The chase scene through the streets was intense and was a great introduction to Blank Panther. The end fight between Winter Solider, Iron Man and Captain America was a great climax, but I still had a slight issue with Tony’s motivation for fighting in the end.
This was my biggest complaint for the movie. I didn’t necessarily believe Tony would continue the fight within the framework of the movie. Yes I think he would have been mad and upset, but I’m not sure he would have reacted the way he did based on what we know of the character. The fight was still amazing and a great payoff for the film. It was also orchestrated by the villain, and while I get his motivation in the film, this was the weakest part of the story. At the end of the movie Tony is in a place of acceptance about events leading up to this point, and then he reverses course. Like I said, it is a great fight, I just wish they would have found another reason for the fight.
This is the only negative I can come up with for the movie, other than the font used to display each locations of the film. It was a little too blaring and in your face, but that’s small nitpick.  Up until the end that was the only negative I could see with the film. It is so well paced, so well-acted, with great action and investment in the story that you can’t wait to see where it is going. I want to see the film again in the theatre just to take it all in one more time. This is an event film and should be seen in theatres. It is worth seeing multiple times if you have been invested in these characters since the Marvel Cinematic universe took off.
If you’re watching this you probably have already seen Captain America Civil War, but if not, are you planning on going to see it in theatres or are you tired of superhero films? If you have seen it did you like the Tony’s reason for fighting at the end? Comment and let me know.

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