Sunday, May 8, 2016

Game of Thrones S6E3 Oathbreaker Recap/Review (Spoilers!): My Watch has Ended!

Was it too slow?
The third episode of Game of Thrones sixth season, Oathbreaker, was a little slow, but it was still filled with great scenes. We still haven’t gotten into actual plot advancement for the season, and that needs to change by the next episode for the season to feel like it is moving. At this point the stage is fully set for the rest of the season. All of the major players are in place for the adventures they will have until the conclusion.
Jon Snow awakening was the logical place to start the episode. It was an impactful scene, and handled extremely well. I thought Kit Harrington did a great job of conveying the confusion Jon Snow had awakening from the dead. He knew he shouldn’t be back, and was at a loss for how he was. Melisandre wanted to know what it was like on the other side, but Jon disappointed her by saying there was nothing. Now does that mean there was truly nothing, or that he just couldn’t remember? Death it seems will still remain a mystery even for the people of Westeros. Jon’s thinking there is nothing after death might have an impact on him now. He knows he must live a full life, because darkness waits for him on the other side. This is why he walked out on the Night’s Watch at the end of the episode. He doesn’t want to be tied down there, and his watch did end the first time he died. I think he probably will come back, but first he will lead the Wildlings to retake Winterfell and instill Rickon as the new King of the North.
Jon’s scene bookended the episode well, but the next best scene for me was with Arya. Her small training montage and regaining her eyesight showed great determination. She is becoming a true assassin. What is interesting is that we don’t know her motivation. Is she just saying she is no one so they will continue to train her, or does she now truly believe it? In the books we have the advantage of knowing her true thoughts, but I’m not sure if the character in the show feels the same way. She may be completely embracing the Many-Faced God. I still think deep down she wants to avenge the people on her list and has just learned to bide her time. She is learning from the masters until she can leave on her own. She has always been a wildcard for me. I don’t know how she will play into the story overall in the end, but her transformation and growth is compelling to watch.
More setup was seen in Meereen. It was great to see Varys at work. He threatened the informant so subtlety and with sweetness instead of terror, and still made it creepy.  He is the supreme good cop, and you can tell why he gets what he wants. Now they know the other slaver cities are fronting the Sons of the Harpy. My thought is that the other cities will start to march on Meereen like they did in the books and lay siege to the city. Danny will conquer all of the Dothraki hordes when her Dragon or Dragons show up to rescue her. Then she will go back to Meereen lay waste to it, and march on to Westeros for next season.
When she gets to Kings Landing what will she find? Tommen is getting pulled in three different directions. One by his mother, one by his small council, and now by the High Sparrow. The High Sparrow is obviously a master manipulator. He might believe some of what he says, but for the most part he is playing the same game as everyone else, gaining power. Cersei is still on the warpath and will not rest until everyone who has wronged her is killed. This is the one story were I think we should see some movement. Everyone is in place for action to happen, it is just a matter of the plot advancing.
The only scene in the episode that seemed out of place was with Sam and Gilly. It wasn’t needed and didn’t really add anything to the episode, other than show us they are on their way to Oldtown and Sam wants Gilly to go stay with his parents. One could probably argue the scene showing a young Ned Stark fight didn’t add much either, other than fuel the flame of the fan theory that Jon Snow isn’t Ned’s son, but his nephew. It certainly sounded like a woman in labor outside of the castle. Now who is to say that this is was Jon, but it implies it. I liked the scene, and it was the only action we saw tonight.
Overall the episode was still well acted and well done. There does need to be some more plot advancement next episode or the show is going to feel like it is slowing to a halt and nothing is happening. Pieces are still being settled into place, but they are all their now. This probably would be considered a filler episode, but it was well done filler. This show is more like a ten hour long movie, we just have to wait seven days to get the next hour piece of the film.

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Was it too slow? Are you ready for the stories to start advancing at a faster pace? Was it still done well enough to keep you entertained? Comment and let me know. 

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