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Game of Thrones S6E2 Home Review/Recap (Spoilers!): Worst Kept Secret

For a slower moving episode Home still might be one of my favorites. We are still being setup for the season overall. Only getting more than a few minutes with each major storyline could get frustrating, but what they are giving us is moving the plot along. Each scene tonight, for the most part, was excellent and filled with story elements which gives the viewer enough information to move things along. Do I want more time with Tyrion and the Dragons? More time with Bran? More time with Arya and her training? More time in Kings Landing? Yes! Every scene was a small taste, and I want more of what is to come.
Opening with Bran was a great way to start the episode. To actually see Lyanna and her interact with her brothers was a great way to bring us into what Bran has been doing. He has been traveling through time with the trees. He wanted to get lost in this moment, spend time with his family, and feel like he belongs again. This is a great way for us to know more backstory on the Starks and what happened before the events of the show. We may get to see Lyanna run away with Rhaegar, and find out if the popular fan theory about Lyanna being Jon’s mother is actually true. This scene could just be seen as fan service, but I think it is going to set events up for Bran’s story. Bran is going to have a major role to play in the war against the white walkers, and his reintroduction tonight was well done.
Then to flash to the wall and have a minor fight with the Wildings and Night’s Watch was great way to pick up the pace of the episode. The giant smashing the guy who shot him was fantastic. The restraint the Wildings showed was impressive. They didn’t attack and kill everyone, they held back and only did what was needed to be done to take control of the situation. I think killing Thorne would have served the Knights Watch better overall, but I’m sure there is still a story to tell with him in the coming episodes. Thorne’s execution will be handled by the true Lord Commander in due time. What will be interesting to see is the fate of the young boy. I’m going to guess if Jon has changed any from his time spent in the afterlife this will be one of the first signs of a change.
The only two parts of tonight’s episode that might have been lackluster were the scenes in King’s Landing and with the Ironborne. I personally really liked both scenes. The scene between Jamie and the High Sparrow was tense and is setting up a fantastic confrontation between the two groups. Tommen asking his Mother for help is like asking a jackal into the hen house. He wants her to make him strong, and all she is going to do is start a war that could destroy King’s Landing. I don’t like the High Sparrow, but Cersei isn’t much better. Tommen has never been a bad character, you don’t want the kid to be caught up in this mess, but I think the prophecy about Cersei’s children will come true in the end.
The other Lannister brother had a fantastic short scene with the two dragons. I loved getting the backstory of the dragons with him. Telling us Dragons are extremely smart and can sense who is their friend or foe. He still was either extremely brave or extremely stupid for going in and unchaining them. The question this raises for me is, why did the dragons kill the shepherd girl? Was it an accident, or did the dragon even really kill her? I think this question might be answered, and I’m now hoping all three dragons show up to save Danny and unite the Dothraki.
The other small scene we got tonight was with Arya and her being brought back into the temple of the many faced god. It’s a good to see her accept her fate, and her story and character are so well done, I just want more of it. I hope I want more of the story on the Iron Islands.
The Iron Islands storyline was one of my favorite from the fourth book. It is extremely well written and adds yet another layer to the rich world Martin created. I just hope it doesn’t become another Dorne from last season, with very little value to the main story. Dorne still hasn’t been woven in with any main plot, and I worry the Iron Islands won’t either. They are the Viking warriors or Westeros, and their story should be told. I enjoyed the scenes with them tonight, but I’m still worried they may feel lost in the main stories we have seen so far to date. We have gotten small pieces before, but they have always been minor.  The story they are starting to tell is a major plot in the books. It will be interesting to see where they take it and how it is received. There is so much going on at the moment I think the audience may wonder why more characters are being introduced and more story elements added when the show is starting to wind down.
The main reveal of the night was saved for the end. I didn’t know if they were going to drag out Jon’s fate much past tonight. They couldn’t have dragged it out much longer or his body would start to decompose regardless of how cold it is at The Wall. Plus they would want to bury or burn him. Melisandre bringing Jon back was a forgone conclusion to me. I have thought since I read the fifth book and watched season five that he would not stay dead. Now Martin may not bring him back in the same way, but he will still come back. There is no one else at The Wall which can carry the story forward, and there are too many unanswered questions about Jon Snow.  It will be interesting to see how much of Jon comes back and how much he has changed. I wonder how much more story we are going to get at The Wall this season. I am guessing the main fight will be with the Bolton’s’ and Jon will make Ramsey pay for hurting Sansa.
Ramsay’s part was cruel and vicious. He is a character you love to hate. When he finally is killed off a cheer will go out around television sets around the world, it might even be audible outside of houses. He is worse than Joffrey, and that is saying something. His pride will be his downfall, and I am excited to see what happens when he tries to attach Castle Black and finds it well provisioned and staffed with Wildlings from beyond The Wall. Sansa will unite the North and retake Winterfell with the help of Jon, which will then setup the ultimate confrontation with the White Walkers.
The puzzle pieces are all starting to fit together. This was another episode of lining pieces up, but it was so well executed plot movement wasn’t necessary. This was the perfect mix of setup and advancement which will keep me excited for next week. Bring on the next episode. I am really starting to wish the entire season was available to binge and watch at once.

I’ve rambled enough about this fantastic episode. Let me know your thoughts if you made it to the end of my ramblings. 

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