Thursday, September 29, 2016

Star Wars Comics Review/Recap (Spoilers!) – Star Wars #23

Issue number twenty-three of the main Star Wars comic is the third part in the current story arc. We last saw Luke, Han, and Leia on the bridge of the Star Destroyer they stole. In the last issue we didn’t get why they stole the Star Destroyer or even how they survived the reactor blast. This was all explained in non-linear storytelling during this issue. The crew went on the mission to steal the Destroyer to help break up a blockade around Tureen VII, and they survived the blast by jumping to hyperspace as they jettisoned the reactor.

I like this story. I like the setup and the adventure the crew is going on. The execution of some of the interactions between Han and Leia and Luke and Sana seemed forced. Jason Aarron has been fantastic at writing the Star Wars main line, but for this issue there was too much force feeding of the story. I don’t need a line from Sana telling me how much Han and Leia love each other and their fighting is a show of this. If you are reading this comic you know this, just let the interactions speak for themselves. I liked the race Han and Leia had to the bridge to claim being captain of the ship, it was cute and flirtatious, and it should have stood on its own. I’m also not sure if they are trying to set Sana and Luke up as a possible love story or he is just trying to get her to sign up with the Rebellion. I’m thinking tragedy may strike for her though with the arrival of the elite Stormtrooper crew.

The best parts of the issue were some of its humor. The race between Han and Leia was cute, but it seemed out of place when the crew is trying to save themselves and others. It was still nice to see, and there were a few other times I laughed out loud. Chewie and Han and one fantastic interaction. The overall setup for what is to come was also well done. This was mainly a setup issue, and it tried to give us some good moments between Han and Leia. I’m just not sure they were in the right place for the situation the crew found themselves in. I guess one could argue Han trying to make moves on Leia in the belly of an alien on an asteroid wasn’t great timing either. That didn’t seem as forced in like this did though.

Overall this issue didn’t live up to some that have come before it. I’m not sure if it was the non-linear storytelling which gave too much exposition or some of the character interactions. It just didn’t work as well as some of the other issues. With this issue being mostly setup and the arrival of the elite Stormtroopers I expect the next issue to be a return to form, and for a few extremely exciting issues over the next few months.

What did you think of this issue? Did you think the character moments where forced or did you like them? Comment and let me know. 

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