Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Come on, You know you want to watch Max Steel.

This week was a little light on trailers. There wasn't any major new blockbusters or indie darlings trailers released. Just minor independent films or a studio production which don't look worth the time.

Cardboard Boxer: 

This is a small independent movie which is getting a theatrical and video on demand release at the same time. The story presented in the trailer didn't catch my interest, but I do like the actors. It seems to be a fairly standard homeless person redemption story, but those are worthy stories to tell. I might at some point check it out if there is some positive buzz around it.


I think people fall into two camps with Rob Zombie films, you either like them or hate them. I liked House of 1000 corpses and The Devil's Rejects. This is a little odd since I'm not a huge horror fan, but I found the gory crazy movies interesting to watch. I never saw his version of Halloween, but it probably wasn't a smart decision to bring his brand of filmmaking to the main stream. I probably will eventually check 31 out just because I enjoyed his other work, and this looks to be a return to form. 

Shut In: 

The only reason I am somewhat intrigued by this horror film is due to Jacob Tremblay. He was outstanding in Room, and I almost want to see this film simply because he is in it. It looks like a fairly simply horror film, and not one which usually catches my interest. I probably won't end up seeing this one for this fact, but if the reviews are good I might check it out because Tremblay is in it. 

Max Steel: 

This film looks like it belongs on the CW as a television show and not a feature film. Maybe comparing it to the CW superhero shows isn't fair, because those shows are actually well done, and this looks horrible all the way around. The only reason I would watch Max Steel is for the "It's so bad it's good factor." The line delivery in the trailer is horrible even from established actors like Andy Garcia. There was major exposition dumps in the short trailer, so I can't imagine what the film will be like. Maybe this will have an audience and fans of the show will go see it, but this has major bomb all over it. 

Certain Women: 

Certain Women looks like a typical Oscar Bait movie. It has good talent, and a story which looks to contiplaint relationships and life in general. I like movies in this genre, but I'm not sure this one will be a hit or one I would watch. The trailer didn't give me enough of what the driving story was going to be or if any of the characters were going to interact. I will probably wait for more reviews and see if it the film gets some Oscar buzz before I decide to check it out. 

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

I like war films and I like Nicholas Cage, so this should be a can't miss right? After watching the extremely long three minute trailer I can say I don't want to see this film. The trailer seemed to drag, which makes me worry about the the movie as well. Maybe the film will be edited well and the pace will move quickly, but then they should have put together a better trailer. The movie looks slow and plodding and other than the men surviving against shark attacks not very exciting.
The trailer starts out by showing the atomic bomb being loaded on the boat. Then it transforms into a survival story, and then they throw in something about honor among enemies. There was too much going on in this trailer, and it lost me. Maybe the film will get some good buzz and I'll reconsider, but this trailer turned me off from wanting to see the movie.

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