Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Oscar Season Starts to Take Shape

This was a great week for trailers, as Oscar contenders are starting to be revealed:

Goat (Red Band):

This one looks interesting. I wasn't in a frat, and never cared to be, but hazing when I was in college was looked upon as harmless fun. With many news stories coming out about college kids losing their lives to hazing incidents there has been a  crackdown. In the trailer the frat looks down upon the new rules imposed. For the new pledges either they participate or not make the frat. I'm interested to see how dark this movie goes and how much it looks at the issue of hazing. 

Collateral Beauty:

Will Smith is going to try anything and everything to get his Oscar.  I admit I was moved by this trailer. Having two children and thinking about losing one is a devastating thought. Writing to the universe for answers doesn't seem like a bad idea to help cope with the loss of a child. The universe actually answering back is where either this movie will succeed or fail. You couldn't have picked a better actress to play death, and if Helen Mirren came to take me to the after life I probably wouldn't mind. I am interested to see a new Christmas Carol type story. It can go either way, too campy or the right amount of emotion. Hopefully it is the latter and Smith gets an Oscar nod if he is deserving. 

Underworld: Blood Wars: 

I have never been a big fan of the Underworld series. This trailer does little to get me excited to see a new one. I loved the concept and was excited to go see the first movie. I was extremely disappointed in the movie. I think my expectations were to high for the Underworld, but I've tried to go back and watch again and I can't get into it. I even tried the second film and couldn't stand it. I won't be seeing this installment, but more power to the fans of the series that keep getting sequels green lit. 

Mr. Church: 

This seems like a cheesy sappy heartfelt movie. There is nothing wrong with these types of films if they are executed well. I want Eddie Murphy to do more work, and actually get back to doing more edgy films than this.  Mr. Church has been getting some early reviews and they aren't positive. I was hoping this would be the good kind of heartfelt story, but early signs point to no. Maybe it still will be worth seeing, but I didn't get that feeling from the trailer. 


This, just all of it. From Matthew McConaughey with a come over and in whitey tighties, to Dallas Howard with 80's hair. This trailer was fantastic and a movie which wasn't on my radar is now a must watch. This trailer did everything right and gave me just enough of the true life tale to get me interested in the story. I'm not sure I will see this on Christmas Day, but I'll be seeing it close to then. 

Live by Night: 

Ben Affleck has turned into a fantastic director and Live by Night looks to be another great film. This is one of my favorite periods of history and I'm excited to see Affleck's take on it. I did think Affleck looked a little out of place as the character in the trailer, but I won't judge until I see the final result. The fact that this movie is going to get a limited release in December and then a wide release in January speaks highly to Warner Brothers faith in the movie. They think it has a big chance for the Oscars and are probably going to push for its consideration. Affleck's first three directorial films have made his movies must watches. 

Free Fire (Red Band): 

This movie debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival this week and was met with a decent reception. It is being called a extremely dark comedy, and I'm all for it. This looks like my type of dark humor and I'll enjoy going to see this film when it is released to a wide audience. Brie Larson was fantastic last year in Room, and I look forward to seeing her in this. 

The Free World: 

I'm not sure about this one. I like Elisabeth Moss as an actress because of Mad Men, but I haven't seen many of her movies. I can't decide from this trailer if this is a film I would want to see. If the film gets some Oscar attention I might check it out, but the trailer did little to get me interested in seeing the movie. 

The Promise: 

Another Oscar Bait type movie. Historical period piece about an oppressed people during World War 2. This doesn't mean the movie will be bad or good, it is just setting itself up for an Oscar push with the talent and the subject matter. I hope it is amazing, because it deals with a part of the world that is looked over during many historical movies set during the time period. It has great talent and a good director, so the film has promise. I am a sucker for historical war movies, and if the reviews are good I'll probably see it. 

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