Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly Trailer Recap: Hodgepodge

There wasn't any real theme to the trailers released this week. We got some Oscar contenders, some January dumps, a few kids movies, and the one millions of women will want to see.

Fifty Shades Darker: 

Well I'll say this, it's popular. The trailer had the most views in one day and broke the previous record held by Star Wars set last year. I didn't see the first movie and haven't read the books. My wife has read the series, but has no desire to see the films, so I won't be watching.

Miss Sloane:

A serious Thank You for Smoking vibe is what I got from watching this trailer. The film is obviously shooting for Oscar buzz, and it could be a great movie. I like Jessica Chastain and if the buzz is good I will probably check this one out. 

Trolls (Trailer #2): 

Hmmm I don't know what to think about Trolls. On the one hand it looks like complete kid nonsense, but then it's from Dreamworks and this could be another Shrek like franchise. The first trailer didn't impress me, but I'll admit I'm a little intrigued. If they can infuse some adult humor throughout the film it could be worth checking out. Who am I kidding my four year old is going to love this and I'll see it regardless. 


Moana feels like a classic Disney movie using new animation techniques. I am excited to take the family to see the film, and I might be even more excited to get my hands on the soundtrack which has songs composed by Lin Manuel Miranda. 

Nocturnal Animals: 

I'm intrigued. The cast is fantastic and the story has me interested. Just from the trailer I want to know what Amy Adams' character did to Jake Gyllenhaal's character.  I want to know how much of what was shown was the story he wrote or real life. Guess I'll have to go watch and find out. 

The Bye Bye Man: 

Well it's a horror film being released in January, so It won't be one I'll be seeing. The trailer was trope after trope and nothing original. I understand horror films are easy to make and easy to turn a profit. I hope the people involved make their money back from the film, but I won't be giving any money to it. 

Annabelle 2: 

I didn't know there was an Annabelle film, so the fact that there is an Annabelle 2 is surprising to me. Another horror film, and the first wasn't well received. It isn't getting dumped in January so maybe there's hope for it to be good. I still probably won't see it. 


Well if there is a runner up to dumping a horror film in January it is dumping a comedy in the month. Maybe this will be a great buddy road trip type comedy, but I don't like that they already anointed it this during the trailer.  Who knows maybe it will be a surprise hit, but if the studio had faith in it they would be releasing it later in the year. 

Flock of Dudes: 

Haven't heard of this film, and it is coming out on September 30th. It looks like a standard buddy film in the eyes of Old School. It looks to have a somewhat funny premise, and has some funny comedians, but I'll still probably pass unless it gets great buzz. 

Ordinary World: 

Well this was an unexpected trailer to see. Billie Joe Armstrong in a movie. It looks like a Bachelor Party like movie, but with a mid-life crisis twist. The best thing about this movie is that Billie Joe is making music for the film. It looks like a fairly typical mid-life crisis family movie, but I'll at least check out the music. 

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