Thursday, October 15, 2015

Star Wars Rebels S2E1 The Lost Commanders Recap/Review (Spoilers!): Fishing for Success

The first few episodes of the first season of Star Wars Rebels were a little rough. I thought the show had some issues gaining a strong footing and traction about what kind of show they wanted to be. Once it hit episode five or six the show picked up steam and the final episode of the season was fantastic. The two episodes released in June were a great tease, and it was the perfect way for us to be introduced to an older Ahsoka Tano. This season got off to a fantastic start and had the perfect mix of action and character moments.
The episode kicks off with the Rebels needing to find a base to regroup and strike from. Ahsoka sends our Rebel crew in search of some former allies who she thinks can help. This is the only part of the episode I had a small problem with. I don’t remember the droids from the clone wars being able to track the way they could in this episode. Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but it just seems a bit unrealistic for the old droid to be able to track down the former clone troopers. This was the only problem with the episode and it was minor. The rest of the show tonight was fantastic.
The droid was able to track down the former troopers and they are traveling across the desert in an old clone war tank. Rex seems happy to see the band of Rebels and is willing to accept them if they know Ahsoka. Kanan however doesn’t trust the clones and for good reason. If you have read any of the comics you know more of his back story and how he survived and escaped order 66. The clones say they have removed their control chips and are willing to help the crew find a base if they help them catch a desert creature.
The fishing sequence was the best part of the episode. It had a great action and comedy. The clone trooper Gregor was the highlight of the episode. He is a bit off his rocker, probably because his chip removal didn’t go that well. He has just a great childlike exuberance that was a perfect contrast to Rex and Kanan during the episode. He lightened the mood and was ecstatic when they were able to kill the sand creature with the help of Zeb as bait.  Using Zeb as bait and then having to reel him back in was fantastic. The whole scenario had me on the edge of my seat.  The entire crew had to work together to accomplish the goal and that’s an important aspect to the show. They can’t accomplish their goals without working together. It still is a kid show, and I can get behind promoting teamwork to my boys.
Kanan still doesn’t trust the clones, which I can’t blame him since they just used one of his team as fish bait. Sabine also discovers the clones have sent messages to the Empire betraying them. Rex denies it, but Wolffe confesses. He makes a heartfelt apology, but Kanan still doesn’t trust the people who have already betrayed him twice. Ezra bridges the gap between the clones and Kanan. He is the diplomat on the mission and smooths the situation over so the group can accomplish its goals
The only problem is that Wolffe reported in and a probe droid was able to report back to the Empire about the clones and the rebels. The Empire should be on their way and the crew is going to have to fight its way out since the Ghost is currently disabled in orbit.  It should make for a fantastic second episode and we will get more time with Kanan and the clones. It should be another half-hour  of Kanan beginning to accept the clones don’t mean him harm and want to help.
The first episode of Star Wars Rebels was a great first instalment to the second season. It had a fun adventure mixed with interesting character moments between Kanan and the clones. This looks like a minor story arc for the season, with Ahsoka going off to find more information about Darth Vader. After these first two episodes I am hoping we get some episodes focusing on Ahsoka and her hunt for more information on Darth Vader.

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