Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Flash S2E3 Family of Rogues Review/Recap (Spoilers!): Jester’s Dead

Captain Cold returns this week with his dastardly father played by the fantastic Michael Ironside. Mr. Ironside is in one of my favorite movies of the year Turbo Kid. If you are a fan of classic 80’s action/adventure movies check it out, it’s fantastic. Ironside plays a more evil villain than his son Leonard/Captain Cold. Leonard at least has honor; his father, it appears, doesn’t by placing bombs in his associates and daughter’s head.
This episode felt like the season is starting to get into a groove. It didn’t have the standard villain of the week, since Captain Cold and his sister made an appearance. You could count their father as the main foil, but it was a good twist on the standard weekly story. Captain Cold and his sister Golden Glider should be extremely silly villains and be unbelievable for the show. However the performances by Wentworth Miller and Peyton List are terrific and they sell the characters for all they are worth. They buy in completely and make them believable individuals in the show. I think one of the nice touches of tonight’s episode is the budding romance between Cisco and Lisa Snart. It’s good to see someone else besides Barry have some romantic entanglement.
Barry took a bit of a back seat tonight. He still saved the day, but I felt the main focus tonight was off of him. It focused more on Cisco and his relationship with Lisa, and the relationship between Leonard and his father. Making Leonard a more complex villain is setting him up to be part of the Legends of Tomorrow television show, but it’s still well done. The fact that the only thing he does care about is his sister was handled well in the episode. Ironside is bit of a one note evil dude in the episode, but still does a good job for the role he is provided.
On the overall season story arc, there wasn’t much movement. There was some good exposition about what the worm hole in star labs basement is, and how they can make a speed cannon. Once they got the cannon working, I thought the reasons for Garrick to stay on Earth one were a little weak. It was both a bit selfish on our team’s part, and unrealistic for him to stay. There isn’t anyone back on his world that is missing him?? I would think there would at least be one person who is worried about where he is.  This is a bit nitpicky, but I think they could have had a better reason for him to stay other than what was provided. How about Jay is staying so he can figure out how to get his power back? This would have fit within the show better, and given his reasons for staying more weight.
The only other part of the episode which didn’t flow was the Joe, Iris and her Mom storyline. This felt just thrown into this episode and had no real purpose. I’m guessing it’s going to have more impact on the season overall, but it just didn’t fit with tonight’s story. Maybe I can see a parallel with Leonard and his father and Iris and her mother, but that is a stretch. If those storylines somehow crossed paths this week I could see parental relationships being a theme of the episode. Since they didn’t the theme was still there, the point was just a little muted by not having everything tie together. The story and theme could have been just as meaningful with just one of the stories in the episode, not both.
Now what about the end of the episode? Is Dr. Wells a bad guy this time around, is he Zoom? I don’t think so. I stand by my assumption from last week. He is the true Harrison Wells from another earth. He is still a genius and discovered the portals the same way our group did on Earth One. He created his own speed cannon so he could travel to the multiple earths. I think he is going to help Team Flash for a few episodes. Though they are obviously going to be wary of him. It just seems a bit too obvious to have him as the villain again. The show likes to throw twists, so maybe I’m wrong.
Overall it was a strong “filler” episode. Not as strong as the first two episodes, but still extremely well done and an enjoying hour of television. The groundwork of the season was laid down in the first two episodes and the train is now leaving the station. It was a good first stop in the journey. I had interesting villains and some good but slow progression of the overall arc of the season. The tease and hook for next week was set well.  I’ll be tuning in to see if Dr. Wells is good or evil and how Team Flash reacts.

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