Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E3 Thank You Review/Recap (Spoilers!): Gut Punched

This recap/review is going to be more cathartic than fun this week. I’m not sure I have lost a character on the show who I have generally loved watching. Glen was that character for me. He was someone who I could relate too on the show. One of the only people in the group who hadn’t totally lost his humanity. He was a pillar of dependability, someone who could always be relied on.  His love for Maggie drove him to grow as a person.
The first thirty minutes of the episode was a bit of a drag for me. I thought I knew exactly where the episode was going. We were going to get a plethora of zombie kills, and a few deaths from the inexperienced Alexandrians. For the first half hour that is exactly what we got. A few of the town people did meet an unfortunate end. The guy Sturgis who ran off, got what he deserved for leaving the group. The poor chick who hurt her ankle also met a brutal end. I didn’t really understand why the others in the group didn’t spare them getting eaten alive by shooting the unlucky ones in the head. I can see maybe not being able to help the girl, but not helping the guy who got dragged down by the fence made no sense. Michonne could have ran him through with the sword, or someone else could have shot him. These deaths where brutal and gruesome, and I’m surprised the others didn’t help them out.
This of course was all in preparation for the death of Glen. Even typing that hurts. I know it’s just a character on a television show, but even a few hours after watching I’m still in shock. His death really shocked and hurt. Now if you watched talking dead you herd one of the showrunners say we will see Glenn in one form or another again in the show. This left some to speculate that Glenn wasn’t eaten, and that Nick’s body fell on top of him and this is what the Walkers were tearing through. I don’t really think this is the case. It truly looked like he was sadly being ripped apart. Man that really hurts to type, and really hurts to think about. They say we could get a flashback or a walker shot. I’m not sure how I feel about either of those scenarios, but at least we might get a proper goodbye. I watched the replay of the episode up until the killing of Nick, and stopped after that point. I couldn’t get through it again. Maggie’s reaction when we get back to Alexandria is going to be brutal. She has lost everyone and it could finally break her.
I had originally speculated in my last review that I thought Maggie and Glenn could be a bridge between the two groups. This idea is right out the window. Not just because of Glenn being killed, but because it will destroy Maggie. She won’t be able to bring the two groups together. So either Rick will have to regain some of his humanity, or Deanna is going to have to step up in a big way. I’m not sure either situation is likely, but I don’t see Rick being able to lead the entire community in his current state. Deanna is going to have to deal with her grief so she can handle Rick and the rest of the citizens of Alexandria. This has to be the case with the mounting threats to everyone involved.
The episode didn’t end with Glenn though, we still had another extremely tense filled sequence with Rick. I honestly thought they may have killed him off too when the wolf broke into the camper and fired at him. I was on the edge of my seat the entire commercial break until they went back to him dealing with the threat. Rick proved again just how capable a person he is in this savage world. He was able to quickly dispatch the wolves who Morgan let get away twice. No quarter or mercy from Rick Grimes. He seems to always kill first and ask questions later. Who can blame him with all of the events he has had to go through during the past five years.
Michonne pointed this fact out to Heath in a great scene during the first half of the episode. She let him know just how far her group had come and what they had to go through to survive in the world they all now live in. Even though Heath seems to be one of the more capable members of the community, he still fails to grasp just how much everything has changed. I loved this scene and the slow realization on Heath’s face as he started to grasp what Michonne was saying. This was an incredibly well acted scene and hopefully we will get more interaction between these two actors. They seem to play well off one another.
This was a hard episode to watch Losing Glenn hurt, but it was also because they threw us a huge curveball. They almost lulled us to sleep in the first thirty minutes and then hit us with a huge sucker punch. We thought we knew where the show was going tonight, and not seeing it coming added to the pain.  The first three episodes of this season have been extremely strong. Last year after the first few episodes the story split to Beth and we had to catch up with her. This year it looks like we are going to get more information about Morgan, and how he was able to pull himself together after the events of the Clear episode. I hope we get some knowledge about what is happening during the current timeline, but I desperately want to know how Morgan came to use his staff.

Hopefully reading my recap helped with the pain, that sounds silly, but typing helped me process it. Again I know it’s just a silly character on a show, but it still hurt. I was yelling on my couch and my wife and son who don’t watch with me ran down to see what was wrong. Knowing we will get some other closure helps, but not knowing when is maddening. Let me know what you think of tonight’s episode. What are your theories about how Glenn will show back up?  Do you think he is still alive? Comment, share, and discuss. 

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