Friday, October 23, 2015

Star Wars Shattered Empire #4 Recap/Review (Spoilers): Finally LUKE!

A fantastic conclusion to a great four issue run of comics. Shattered Empire #4 showcased Shara Bey again, but this time she got to tag along on an adventure with everyone’s favorite Jedi, Luke. Okay maybe he’s not everyone’s favorite, but he’s mine dammit. Luke has been suspiciously absent in everything to do with the journey to the Force Awakens. Yes he has been in the main marvel comics, and has had one young adult book, but that all takes place before the Battle of Endor. They are starving us with the lack of information on Luke, and the fourth issue of Shattered Empire seemed like a small feast when he finally showed up.
Luke recruits Bey to go with him on a mission to an Imperial base. He wants Bey to impersonate an Imperial officer so they can infiltrate the base and take back something the Emperor stole form the Jedi. Simple adventure plot, but the execution is exquisite. The artwork again in this comic stands apart. The battle sequences with Luke felt like I was watching a show instead of reading a comic. The comic had me wanting to speed through and to find out what happened next, but also stay on each page and marvel in the art work. I can’t believe a comic can have you on the edge of your seat, but this issue did.
Once Luke and Shara make it to the Imperial base they are able to get to the room where what Luke is after is being held. The Imperial Commandant knows something is up because the Imperial Bey is impersonating only has one eye. He tries an ambush and the action picks up, and our heroes have to escape with the relics Luke came for. The relics are trees from the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Now I can see how some would think the trees are a bit lame, but I loved it. The fact that they introduced these relics from the Jedi Temple opens up many more questions which need to be answered.
How did Luke learn about the trees? What special things can these trees do? Will they have any impact on Star Wars The Force Awakens? Just by creating this one issue of the comic there are now numerous new story possibilities, and it’s fantastic. The first I think can be answered in the main Star Wars comic story line. Since Luke has found many Jedi artifacts with the Hutt crime lord who has captured him, he could have learned about these trees from some of this information.  The next is the interesting question, what can these trees actually do? Luke says they are of the force in the comic. The fact the Emperor had them so heavily guarded means they can do something. Hopefully other comics or books will explore what they are.
The biggest question the force trees open up, is if they will affect The Force Awakens. I’m guessing they will. The Emperor was guarding them, and Luke wanted them. They must have some meaning and power. The interesting thing is Luke gave one to Shara to plant on whatever world she decided to settle down on. I could be mistaken, but it looked like Yavin. So the one of the force trees is on Yavin, and the other is with Luke.  Did Luke have a reason for splitting them up? Will Poe have some interaction with them in the movie? So many questions and so few answers!!
Hopefully we will get another special set of comics or books to find out more information about what happens to the special trees. Yes even as I’m typing this, force trees sound lame, but the whole comic is done so well it doesn’t bother me. I want to find out more information and know how they will affect the story going forward.  I don’t think we will get any more information before The Force Awakens, so the next time we see the trees could be in the movie.
The fourth installment of this short run of comics was fantastic. It is exciting, expertly drawn, and opens up multiple other story lines to explore.  All of the Star Wars comics have been great, but this one stands above the rest. This short four issue run would be the one I would recommend for any Star Wars fan to pick up. Three things of the new cannon are must reads for fans: Lords of the Sith, Lost Stars and Shattered Empire. Other things have been fun and entertaining, but these are essential if fans are picking and choosing what to read.  

Let me know what you thought of the 4th issue. Did you think the trees are lame, or where you just excited for what it possibly means for The Force Awakens? Comment and let me know. 

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