Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Star Wars Rebels S2E2 Relics of the Old Republic (Spoilers!): Tank Chase

Relics of the Old Republic finished the quick two episode story arc of Kanan and the crew going to find clone troopers who could provide intelligence on new Rebel base locations. It provided good insight on Kanan and showcased some great action sequences. The episodes were a good way to kick off the season and bring in fans of Star Wars The Clone Wars who may have not watched the Rebels.
This episode is basically a slow chase sequence for the Rebels to get away from the Empire.  Wolfe had to report in and try to cover for his previous mistake of turning the Jedi in. He tried, but failed because the probe droid caught a glimpse of the Rebels. After a great dig by Rex at the Stormtroopers, the Empire comes after clones and rebels. The fight between the Tie Fighter and the tanks was well done, and the clone trooper Gregor made me chuckle. I like the crazy old clone, and he added some great levity to the episode. Ezra again made a point that the two groups work better as a team. Teamwork is good, and is a good message to promote for a show for kids
Once the clones and the rebels enter the sandstorm Kanan and Ezra must use the force to avoid the Imperial walkers. It was a well done sequence, with Ezra having to trust in the force to shoot down the Imperial Walker. We knew Ezra could shoot the canon by him getting some instructions earlier in the episode from Rex. It was a good use of callback for the show. We saw him being trained how to shoot, and then he was able to use that teaching and the force to take down a walker.
The end sequence was well fantastic, and I wasn’t sure if the clones were going to make it out alive. I really thought they may give themselves up since the show is supposed to have a darker tone this year. Kanan with the prodding of Ezra made the right call and went back to help the clones and take out the other two walkers. It was interesting to see just how much pride the clones still had in following a Jedi. I wonder if we will meet some clones later in this season who don’t hold the same sentiment. It would make for a good story arc for Rex and the other clones to have to go up against some of their brothers.
The ending of the episode was extremely touching. The reunion between Rex and Ahsoka was the best moment of the episode.  The voice actors Dee Bradley Baker and Ashley Eckstein should be highly commended for their ability to add so much emotion to this scene. The animation is great, but if the actors behind the characters don’t buy into the weight of the situation it doesn’t have any impact. You felt the emotion from each character jump off the screen. You felt Ahsoka and Rex where generally happy and touched to be finally seeing each other again. It was a fantastic way to end the second episode.
The only issue I had with the tonight was some of the dialogue used. The “Great Shot Kid” line after Ezra took out a walker seemed forced. You don’t have to put in former Star Wars lines to make the show feel like Star Wars. I felt the show did this a bit too much in the early episodes last season, and when they went away from this is when the season hit its stride. They made these characters their own people, and not individuals who rehashed old bits of jargon.  It was only done a couple of times tonight and just it took me out of the show. It probably didn’t for others, and is probably because I have every bit of dialogue from the original trilogy memorized. It’s a small nitpick in an otherwise good episode.

The first two episodes were a good start to what is going to be a longer second season of Star Wars Rebels. They did enough to tie up the loose ends from the Siege of Lothal and introduce us to one of the new inquisitors. Ezra is progressing in the force with Kanan growing into his teaching role. It will be interesting to see were the story goes and how the Empire starts to deal with the new Rebel threat. 

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