Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) – Movie Review: Well, I Laughed

Sony really needs to think about firing the team who
marketed this movie.

Ghostbusters starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate
McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, and directed by Paul Feig. The reboot
to the 80’s classic tells the story of two scientist who wrote a book about paranormal
activity, but then went separate ways. One went the respectable route, Erin
played by Kristen Wiig. While the other, Abby, played by Mellissa McCarthy
continued to try and prove the existence of Ghosts. Fate brings them together once
again when they encounter a Ghost, and then must try to prove what they saw is
real. Does this sound similar to the original Ghostbusters? It doesn’t because
it isn’t. The film tells a new story with new characters and does a good job in
doing it.

The trailers for this movie had me worried. They seemed not to
tell an original story and looked to have many of the same beats from the original
movie. It looked like they had a library ghost scene. They used the same lines
from the first film. They showed the fire station the first team used as a base
in the first trailer. What this film actually does is tell a new story with new
characters. While it doesn’t work perfectly, it is entertaining and stands on
its own. I don’t understand why the marketing team who promoted this movie
decided to try and rely on nostalgia to drum up excitement. It backfired in a
most spectacular way. There is a fine line with not giving too much story away
in trailers and getting people excited to see the movie. They should have
relied more on the differences this movie had from the original instead of its

The characters are all new and different from the first
cast. Kristen Wiig does a good job in playing the straight laced up tight
scientist. She is funny in the film and most of her jokes hit. Mellissa McCarthy
does well with her role. Paul Feig seems to always get the best most reigned in
performances from McCarthy, and does so again in Ghostbusters. I loved Kate
Mckinnon’s crazy nut job scientist Holtzman, but she is going to be polarizing.
Either you are going to love what she does or hate it. I don’t think everything
she did worked, but most of it did. I was most worried with Leslie Jones in her
role, but she was funny, and wasn’t as over the top as she seemed to be in the
trailers. I do wish they would have made her some type of scientist. The show
stealer for me was Chris Hemsworth who played the receptionist for the new
business. He was fantastic. Every joke he had made me laugh.  He had great comedic timing.  I even liked what they did with him in the
third act of the film, but it was one of the only things story wise that stood
out in the end of the movie.

The story falls apart at the end of the film. The
motivations for the main villain are not explored enough to be clear, and the
ending feels rushed. There is also major chunks missing from the last part of
the movie. It is painfully obvious a major scene or two is missing from the
last third of the movie, but there is supposed to be a director’s cut of the
film. I’m not sure why they would have cut these scenes unless it would have
pushed the movie to R status.  I would be
surprised if what was cut would have pushed that particular barrier. I’m not
sure if adding a few of these scene back would have fixed the final part of the
movie, but I think it would have helped. I liked the setup the story was going
for in the first part of the film, but it goes off the rails at the end.

I did however enjoy many of the ghost fight scenes found in
the last part of the movie. Holtzman in particular has a fantastic fight and
all of the new toys she creates in the film get put to great use. I liked the
CG Ghost in the film. Many probably won’t, but I thought they looked great, and
where used well throughout the movie. The ghost fighting scenes are some of the
best parts of the film and this with most of the comedy made Ghostbusters a
treat to watch. It is far from a perfect film with the way they tell the story
and the constant cameos jammed in the movie. They could have done away with the
Bill Murry character and a few others and the movie would have been improved. I
get having the cameos, the characters created just don’t fit the tone of the
film, and they all stand out instead of fit into the movie.

This being said I liked the film. It was enjoyable and I
could see myself watching it again. I for one never hated the idea of a new
Ghostbusters movie. I did wish they would have made it connected to the
originals, but I was okay with a reboot. I was just happy to get more
Ghostbusters, which is something I had been wanting since the second film was
released. Nothing is going to ruin my enjoyment of the first two films. The
first is close to perfect, and I still really enjoy the second. So maybe it’s
not surprising that I enjoyed this one. I think the film is Worth Seeing, and
worth seeing multiple times. I know many don’t agree, but if you give it a
chance I think you can enjoy the new imaging.

Comment and let me know
what you thought of Ghostbusters if you saw it. 

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