Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Video Game Review: A Fun Time

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens is the standard Lego video game, but the tried and true method shines for this adaptation. TT games also introduces a few new wrinkles from their standard format which enhance the standard parts of the game. The game follows the plot of the film, but adds the subtle lovable brick humor found in most of the Lego games. It pokes fun at Star wars, but in way that is reverent to the film franchise. The game is just an overall fun experience and is a welcome addition to the Star Wars universe.

The overall gameplay doesn’t change from other Lego games. You run around collect studs, shoot bad guys, solve puzzles, find hidden minikits, and unlock a plethora of characters. Each level in the game is immensely enjoyable and I am looking forward to going back and finding all of the collectables. The new addition to the game is shooting from cover during parts of a mission. It has a Gears of War type cover and fire system (Yes I did just compare Gears of War and a Lego game), and each time the event happened in the level I wanted to play more of it. The regular Lego game play is fun, but it is nice they are adding different concepts into the game. This didn’t feel out of place, and added to the overall experience of playing.

Ship flying was the other new standout for the game. There have been flying missions in other Star Wars Lego Games but none as fun as these levels. They were spaced out perfectly for the game. They expand upon the fights found in the film, and do so in a fun fashion. There are also races within the levels which are fun to find and compete in. Nothing is too challenging if you have kids who want to play along with you. My four year old helped me through many of the levels, and did fine with most of the game play, even the flying missions. I did switch to the inverse flight controls, and wish this setting was permanent other than having to switch during level. It is probably a global setting I need to switch, but haven’t taken the time to look yet.

There are also hidden levels to unlock, which expand upon the backstory of the film. None of the adventures are official Star Wars Cannon, but I’m going to enjoy playing the level where Han captures the Rathtar and many others. The unlockables are what make the game fun to go back through and play again. I am a nut about collecting all of the minikits, red bricks, and unlocking all of the characters. I need to make sure the game is at 100%. I’ve done it with almost every Lego game I have played. The ones I haven’t managed to yet still make me want to go back and finish. It is one of the great concepts of all of the Lego games which keeps the replay value high. I have to figure out where all of those things are, and usually have to play through a couple of times to get them all.

The other big surprise for the game is they got Harrison Ford to do the voice over work. I can’t imagine him doing this ten years ago when the original Star Wars games were coming out. Along with the main cast the other voice acting is great, and adds fantastic humor to the game. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions with the little side conversations going on in the background. There was one in particular with a couple of Stormtroopers about target practice which got me laughing fairly hard. When they first started adding voices to the Lego games I thought it might hinder some of their comedy, but it really hasn’t, and they were spot on in this game.

Some of the Lego games have hard puzzles to figure out, but I didn’t find any in this game to be difficult. It’s another reason why this one is great for the younger kids who enjoy playing the games. I know my youngest probably wouldn’t have been able to get through Lego Indiana Jones, some of those puzzles gave me a hard time. I don’t really have any complaints for this game. It gave me everything I wanted from it, and will continue to give me more with the replays of the game. I even splurged for the add on pack which I never do, but glad I did for this one. There wasn’t any part of the game which caused me frustration. This isn’t to say all the puzzles were easy. They still make you think a few times as to how to get around a situation.

Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens is just a fun all-around game. If you are a fan of other Lego games this is a must own. If you are a Star Wars and have a console you should at least play it. I think the game has enough to even sway people who haven’t previously been fans of Lego games, but that is probably stretching it. If you have played Lego Star Wars let me know what you think. What percentage of completion are you on now? 

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