Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Star Wars Comics Review/Recap: Han Solo #2 and Poe Dameron #4

This week in Star Wars comics we have our fill of charming rogue pilots in Han Solo and Poe Dameron. Both issues this week were enjoyable reads and leave you wanting to know what happens next.

The second issue of Han Solo picks up with the Falcon and the other pilots in the Dragon Void Race having to escape a mine field setup by the race designers. While I didn’t necessarily enjoy the setup in the first issue of Han Solo, everything was great in the second installment. I was interested to see how the race would unfold along with the secret mission Han and Chewie were undertaking for the Rebellion. The race portion of the issue did not disappoint. I enjoyed the inner monologue from Han and how he figured out a way through the mine field. The entire issue showcased everything there is to love in the rogue smuggler. His unique since of morality is on full display.

The writing for the comic feels like Star Wars. Marjorie Liu nails Han Solo and the banter he has with Chewie is spot on. The side characters created feel natural to Star Wars and I want to know more about the other pilots created for the race. The art is also great for the comic. I never got lost following the action in the issue. I love the cover for this issue, and the art for the rest of the comic doesn’t disappoint. While I may have not liked where the team started the comic, they have hit a definite stride in the second issue. I am excited to see what happens in the next episode with the Empire coming down to arrest Han and the rest of the pilots of the race.

I have a feeling the people of the planet are going to revolt unless the pilots can continue the race. They helped Chewie escape the bar with the Rebel informant, and they will probably riot unless the race is allowed to continue. I want to know why the Empire decided to arrest all of the pilots. Do they know anything about the Rebel Mission? This is before Han is known to the Empire so they don’t know who he is. The story is intriguing and the first two issues of this comic have me hooked for what happens next.

The other release of the week is Poe Dameron #4. I have yet to be impressed with the writing or story told up until this point. I’m still not sold on some of the writing, but the story is more engaging than a giant egg being protected by religious nuts. The issue starts out with Poe being harassed by Hutts without any context. We flashback to the Resistance base after Black Squadron finished its last mission and waiting for Poe to tell them what to do next.

The interactions with all of the pilots and dialogue between them is still not ringing true to me. It seems like the author is trying to write Star Wars instead of it being natural within the universe. I like getting to know more of the pilots in Black Squadron, and like seeing why Poe is the leader of the team. The one interaction I liked was with Poe and L’ulo. It showed why Poe is the leader of Black Squadron over the older pilot. I also like that the author tied this issue back to when L’ulo was introduced in Shattered Empire.

The other pilot interactions seem forced. I know they are trying to develop the characters and build up the squadron of pilots. I’m just not interested in any of them yet. The scenes between the crew just didn’t flow well in the comic. The story is trying to spoon feed us these characters instead of naturally developing within the story. I would have rather seen the pilots in action, instead of in locker room setting. Though they tried to do develop them this way in the last issue and it didn’t flow well there either by shoving in a random love story element out of nowhere.

The rest of the comic sets up the second adventure and was very well done. I like the story and where it is going. Being trapped on a prison world with the only way to escape and get the information needed is to break out a Hutt Gangster. The team also has to go up against the First Order agent they faced from the first mission. I didn’t dislike Agent Terex when he was introduced, but I wasn’t sold on him either. This new adventure at the prison seems more interesting. Terex isn’t in control of the situation either and it will be interesting to see how both sides compete to get the Hutt out of the prison if they can.

I’m glad the Poe comic is picking up and glad the story seems more like a normal Star Wars adventure. The Han Solo comic looks to be a fantastic short series on par with Lando which has been my favorite so far. Let’s hope both comics continue on their current track.

Have you read either comic? Have you been letdown by the Poe comic up until this point, but like this issue? Did you like the Han comic? Comment and let me know. 

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