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San Diego Comic Con Movie Trailers Recap/Review/Thoughts: (You know Rambling)

Another San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. For those of us not lucky enough to attend we have to devour what the studios deem worthy to release to the public. Luckily there was a plethora (Thank you Three Amigos) of trailers to drop to keep the masses satiated. There was so much I’m just going to give my thoughts on the movie trailers which dropped during the four day nerdgasm.

Let’s start with a one I probably won’t see.  Blair Witch:

I’m not a big horror fan, and while I saw the original Blair Witch Project in the theaters, I couldn’t tell you anything about the movie other than it ushered in the found footage movie craze. I don’t remember anything about the actual movie other than I didn’t really care for it. Making a sequel which ties back to the original doesn’t really interest me. The trailer looks just like any other modern horror movie, which isn’t my brand of film. I know there are many who love this kind of movie. To those I say go have a great time with this film and I hope it is fantastic. Just not for me.

The second movie I’m not sold on is Oliver Stone’s Snowden (because you have to put Oliver’s Stone name in front of anything he does)

I think the trailer for Snowden looks good, and I might end up seeing it. I just haven’t been impressed with any Oliver Stone movie for quite some time. I didn’t hate Savages, but it still wasn’t a great film. Snowden could go either way, it could be Stone’s return to form, or another ho hum true life tale in which he puts his own unique political spin.  I want this to be good because it is an interesting and important topic. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is impressive in the trailer, but I have little doubt he will turn in anything but a great performance. The movie could still be horrible, but he will be good in it.  I’ll wait for the reviews on this one before I decide to make my way to the theater. It is interesting that this movie trailer even debuted at Comic-Con.

Now for some heavy hitters: First up Suicide Squad

The final trailer for the Suicide Squad did nothing but ramp up my anticipation for the film. Last week I was worried they were flooding the market with too much material, but this trailer was still fantastic. The film looks interesting. There is no better way to describe it. We saw the first footage of the film last year, way before they wanted us too, and now all that is left is for us to see the movie. I’m excited to see how it is received, and hope it is a fantastic cap to the summer movie season.

DC brought trailers to show from their next two films the first being Wonder Women:

I liked the Wonder Women trailer. I’m excited they set the movie during World War One. It’s a time period that hasn’t been focused on recently, and I’m glad it is being given a spotlight in a Super Hero movie. As a person with a degree in History (not worth much) I’ll hope some inquiring minds might take more of an interest in this time period (pipe dream I know, but a guy can hope).  The action looks fantastic, and Chris Pine looks like he will play off of Gal Gadot well. I really like Pine as an actor and think it was a good choice to pair him with Gadot who doesn’t have as much experience acting. I’m excited for this film and hope it delivers. The Amazon Warrior scene was a high point of the trailer.

Then we have the new trailer for Justice League:

I didn’t hate Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but I didn’t love it. The extended cut is a better version of the film, but it still has issues. None of which was the tone of the film. Super Hero films can be dark and gritty and still be good. At the end of the day they just need to have compelling stories. I love the Marvel films, but this trailer feels like they are trying to copy their tone. If they are making Justice League lighter and more fun in tone I’m okay with it. It just needs to have a compelling and well told story. A lighter tone film doesn’t make a better Super Hero movie, see Batman and Robin. Compelling characters and good stories are what begin to make good films, I hope this film has that. I’m still not sold from the trailer.

Next up: Kong Skull Island:

I’m not sure about this movie after watching the trailer. The cast is fantastic though. You can’t help but be intrigued with the talent they have assembled for the movie. I wasn’t all that impressed with the trailer though. It seemed fairly standard, and we got small glimpses of Kong. You don’t want to spoil him until closer to the release, and I would have been happier with even less of a glimpse of him. I think this trailer should have been for the Comic-Con crowd and not the public.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword:

A Guy Ritchie period piece about the Legend of King Arthur. I’m a fan of Ritchie so I’m already going to see the movie. The film looks to have his classic flair, and gave me vibes of a Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels in a medieval setting. Throw in some Merlin magic, with Jude Law performing it, and Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur and I’m intrigued by the first look we have at the film. The film was pushed from being released this summer until 2017. It was actually supposed to debut this weekend. Maybe all of the rework they did on the film will pay off and it will be fantastic. I like just about everything Ritchie does, so I’m hoping for another fantastic film and interesting take on the Arthur legend.

Time for some Animation Fun: Sausage Party:

I’ve been sold on this movie since the first Red Band Trailer was released, and the second trailer doesn’t decrease my anticipation. It looks absolutely crazy, and all in the right way. I’m not exactly sure how Seth Rogen got the green light to make a crude animation movie about food, but I’m all in. It looks like Rogen and his friends got together one night while partaking in some illicit substances and came up with this movie idea. This is the comedy I’ve been waiting for all summer, and next to Suicide Squad it is the film I’m most interested to see in August.

The Lego Batman Movie:

Who would have thought we would be getting a Lego Batman Movie? The Lego Movie was a surprise hit, and one of the best parts was Batman. It was the perfect new take for the character, and a total success. I would question if they could take a side character and make an entire movie around him, but he is Batman. Both of the trailers have been fantastic. This trailer adds in Robin to the mix, and the fact Batman accidently adopted him is perfect. This isn’t my most anticipated Super Hero film of 2017, but I can’t say I’m not extremely excited to see the entire finished product. Hopefully the coinciding Lego Video game will be as fun as the movie.

Marvel only released on trailer to the public and it was for Doctor Strange:

I’m excited for this film. Both trailers have made me more interested in the character of Doctor Strange, and I think they found the perfect actor to portray him. The trailer shows more magic and more interdimensional weirdness. To think the Marvel universe has come from the world of Iron Man which closely resembles our own, to this, is amazing. I’m excited to see the finished product of this movie, and with the way Marvel makes films I have little doubt this will be a fun time at the movies.

My favorite trailer from Comic Con was Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them:

I admit the first time I heard this was the story being adapted I was skeptical. Knowing J.K. Rowling was the one writing the script eased my fears. The first trailer underwhelmed me a bit, but the last two have sold me on the film. I get chills when hearing John Williams score again. I want to learn more about these characters and the Wizarding world in America. This looks to be a fantastic new story with great new magical creatures and interesting new characters. If there is one thing Rowling’s does well it is creating interesting characters. She is a master, and this trailer highlights her new creations. I can’t wait.

Let me know your thoughts on any of the trailers from Comic-Con. Which was your favorite? Which one are you not looking forward too? Comment and let me know. 

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