Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Clip & Daisy Ridley wraps Episode 8 Shooting.

The Star Wars show today dropped a juicy first look at the upcoming season of Rebels. It was a great clip and showed the crew of the Ghost rescuing Hondo and another prisoner from what looked to be a Imperial Prison of some sort. 

The biggest takeaway from this small clip is the look of Ezra. He looks like Kanan and has taken over leading the team. This of course leads to the question of where is Kanan and how Ezra is managing his anger we saw at the end of season two. Ezra in the clip easily dispatches some Stormtroopers with his blaster and then with his lightsaber. 

The small clip gets me extremely excited for season three. The finale was so well done last year I can't wait to see where the crew of the Ghost goes from there. Will Ezra fall to the dark side? How will Kanan deal with the loss of his eyesight? I was always reluctant to say Ezra would be the one to fall, but they certainty set it up this way in the season two finale. 

I wonder how much more information we will get for the upcoming season at Star Wars Celebration. I hope they don't release the entire episodes on Disney XD early and then wait until October to start releasing the other episodes. Keep the hype machine going and open the season strong in October and keep going after the premiere. 

The other small bit of news that dropped today is Daisy Ridly has wrapped up shooting on Episode Eight. Most of the crew had already finished shooting, with wrap parties going on last week. Daisy still had some scenes to shoot and apparently finished them up today. She announced it with a fantastic Instagram picture. 

It is just amazing to think there are two Star Wars movies finished with principle photography at the moment and in post production. There will be reshoots for Episode Eight, but at the moment the movie is done filming and is moving onto editing and adding the special effects. 

We are a year and half away from the release of the film. I am now really wishing they wouldn't have pushed back the release date to December.  It would have been great to see Rogue One in December and then follow it up a few months later with Episode Eight. 

It just means they have more time to make the film great. Again I wonder if we will get anything about Episode Eight at Star Wars Celebration. They may just release some footage for people there and nothing to the general public so they can continue hyping Rogue One. I'm hoping for the title, but I doubt we get it. 

Let me know what you thought of the clip for new Season of Rebels, and what news you think we may get at Celebration for Episode 8. 

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