Friday, February 10, 2017

John Wick Chapter 2 – Movie Review: When Will Chapter 3 Be Announced?

Amazing and Fantastic action, but was there too much?
John Wick Chapter 2 starring Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ian McShane, Common, Ruby Rose, Laurence Fishburne and directed by Chad Stahelski. John Wick Chapter 2 picks up a short time after the first film ended with John looking for his stolen car. The movie hits the ground running with a stunning action scene, then gets into the plot for the second film. John Wick going back to his assassin roots caused a crime boss to call in a favor John must comply with. His compliance and subsequent actions force John into increasingly dangerous situations throughout the course of the movie.

The story for John Wick Chapter 2 is not as compelling as the first, but that doesn’t mean the film isn’t fantastic. The first John Wick hooked you with emotion, and the second Chapter doesn’t have the same emotional hold which set the first story in motion. The second installment is more of a traditional action movie and in a few places the story does tend to drag. This is the one of only downsides to the movie, and this small negative is outweighed by everything else found in the film. The only other slight negative the second chapter offers is the villain. He isn’t as compelling as the first, and is tad silly, but I think the directors were shooting for this. The first film had some absurd and silly moments with the villains as well, and the second chapter keeps some of these same aspects. There is very little else however to complain about in the sequel

The action scenes alone in John Wick are worth the price of admission, along with how the movie builds on the already fantastic universe from the first film. One of the biggest additions in Chapter two is the character Laurence Fishburne plays. He is a leader of another underground organization which blends in perfectly to the world of John Wick. The character he plays is fantastic and you can tell he was having fun playing off of Keanu in a movie again. The sheer jubilance he has in delivering his lines was great and he stole the scenes he was in. The Continental, the secret assassin hotel, was a great addition in the first movie, and Fishburne being king of another secret group is equally fantastic. The Continental hotel is highlighted again and Ian McShane’s manager role is featured more in this film than the first.  He is great, along with everyone else who works in the hotel. The entire world the film is set in feels nuanced, and without truly explaining anything the movie is easy to follow. The audience is dropped into the world and nothing is spoon fed in exposition.  This is refreshing for a film. The mystery of the world is part of what make John Wick fascinating.

Adding to the world are the pre-existing relationships which are also never fully explained. One which stood out the most besides Fishburne is Common who plays another assassin, Cassian. He has some truly great fight scenes with Keanu, and does a great job of being the equal to John Wick. Having John Wick getting injuries and struggling throughout the course of both movies is another strength for the franchise. John Wick is an exceptional bad ass, but he isn’t invulnerable and it’s great to see how the character struggles to accomplish his tasks.  This is the displayed well with his fights with Cassian. I could watch their fight scenes on repeat, they are brutal, and extremely realistic. There isn’t a bad fight in the film and Ruby Rose holds her own as well, though you could tell her fight had a stunt double. She plays the lead henchmen to the main villain, and her character was interesting because she was mute. She signed through the film, which allowed the filmmakers drop in more of the great subtitles they use in both of the movies. I could understand those who may not like her character, but I thought it was another interesting take and addition to the overall world created.

John Wick Chapter 2 simply put is a fantastic action film. There are outstanding action sequences throughout the course of the entire movie, with so many fantastic headshots. They may have even pushed passed a line with the amount shown, but I loved every minute. The action feels real, and is shot flawlessly to where the audience never is lost with what is going on. The environments they choose for each action sequence also add another element to each scene and they become another character in the shots. If anyone was a fan of the first film this is a must watch and must own. If you are a fan of action films and didn’t see the first, watch it, and then go see John Wick Chapter 2. There is little doubt to me that the film will get a third chapter, and I’ll be there on opening night to watch. Go out and see John Wick Chapter 2. 

Comment and let me know what you thought of John Wick Chapter 2 if you have seen it. If not are you planning on seeing it? Will you be excited when they announce the inevitable Chapter 3

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