Monday, February 6, 2017

Stranger Things 2 Super Bowl 2017 Ad - The Boys are Ghostbusters

Thirty seconds is a short, but it's enough time to get excited for the second season of Stranger Things. This ad stole the show for trailers during the Super Bowl. The movies trailers were good, but this got me more excited than anything else on Super Bowl Sunday. 

There isn't much shown in the short trailer, but we get some great shots of the guys in Ghostbusters costumes, and why wouldn't they be? They are real life Ghostbusters in their world. Ghostbusters would greatly affect them because they would be apt to believe in it more than anyone else. They would probably try to start their own version since they know things that go bump in the night do exist in the world of Stranger Things. 

The show does look like it is going bigger, and expand on the upside down. It looks to be spilling over into the real world more than it did in the first season. I'm excited to see where the story is going, and the perfect synth music and 80's graphic at the end was the perfect touch, as always, for the show. It made me want to go back and start the first season over as soon as I saw it. Can't wait to watch.

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