Monday, February 27, 2017

Kong: Skull Island 'Rise of the King' Trailer Thoughts

This is the best Kong Skull Island trailer to date. It didn't give anything more from the story that hadn't been shown, except for a little bit on Tom Hiddleston's character. There was some more action with Kong, which has ultimately sold me on the film. 

Kong Skull Island still may not be a good movie. It looks like a fun popcorn type summer blockbuster being released in the beginning of March. If the movie nails it's fun tone, it should be a good time at the cinema. What I worry about is if the movie is going to take itself too serious at some points, and try and balance this with a weird John C. Reilly character. 

Reilly's appearance in the first full trailer gave me pause on the film. He seemed completely out of place for everything else displayed in the trailer. It was a weird shift in tone from the breif clips shown before. This is still the case in this trailer. Reilly seems to be in a totally different movie than everyone else. His character may make total sense in the film, and not be out of place, but going on the trailer it still has me worried. 

What sold me on this trailer was the action with Kong. The scenes with him fighting the skull creatures looked amazing. In the end this is what you want out of a King Kong movie, Kong destroying things. It also seems Kong will have a relationship with Brie Larson's character, which makes sense in the lore. 

If Kong Skull Island can strike the perfect balance of fun action with a good story and not get too campy with Reilly's character this could be a fantastic movie. Either way I'll be seeing it on opening weekend. 

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