Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Lego Batman Movie – Movie Review: Joker and Batman’s Relationship Ex...

An animation spoof superhero kid’s movie using Legos.  Yep, we now live in a world where that exists.

The Lego Batman Movie, starring the voices of Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, Zach Galifianakis, and directed by Chris McKay. The Lego Batman Movie tells the story of origins of the Bat-team and how Batman goes from a loner superhero into accepting help from others, done in hilarious fashion. The animation is top notch and continues the great work from Warner Brothers animation featured in The Lego Movie.  Lego Batman is a fun enjoyable movie which can be enjoyed by everyone.

One of the highlights from The Lego Movie was Batman and the spoofy take the film delivered on his character. The Lego Batman movie takes the same premise and spreads it over 90 minutes, and surprisingly gives the character an arc and growth. The Batman in the film has to learn to accept to accept help from others, and face the fear of letting people get close to him. It’s a fairly standard story, but when adding in all of the Batman mythology it takes the spoofing of the character to another level. The interactions between Alfred and Batman are some of the best in the film and they have a few of the best jokes. The way the film plays up the ridiculous premise of a rich orphan boy who fights crime for attention, but at the same time keeps everyone away was executed perfectly.   
The team building and the character interactions are the best parts of the movie. Barbara Gordon voiced by Rosario Dawson stole the movie for me. She had some of the best spoof jokes about the character of Batman and his overall job performance. The montage with her introduction was great, and it was the perfect way to integrate her into the movie. The entire setup for the film was well done and very well paced.  Dick Grayson voiced by Michael Cera was also perfectly cast. Cera did a great job in Sausage Party last year and followed it up well in Lego Batman. I would like for him to get some more live action roles again. Hollywood needs more Michael Cera. They nailed all of the heroes with their ludicrous traits from shows and comics and highlighted the silliness in a reverential way.

The way the story was told and the team assembled was funny, but the best relationship in the film is between Batman and The Joker. It was the perfect spoof for every iteration of Batman which has been shown on screen to date. The way Joker pines for Batman was pitch perfect for a silly animation comedy about Batman and The Joker. It hit the right amount of truth like any spoof should to be funny. Again the comedy about Batman is never mean spirited, it is a light hearted roast of a character which is beloved by almost everyone. Chris McKay and the people who made Lego Batman know the characters involved and paid the right amount of respect in making fun of them.

There isn’t much to complain about in Lego Batman. The pacing after the first fight might have been a tad bit slow, but this is the only issue. It is an extremely well made fun family film. My wife who doesn’t like superhero films enjoyed seeing Lego Batman. The small pacing issues are the only nitpicks I have for the film. The inside jokes and references might have gone over many people’s head, and I’m sure I didn’t understand many of the actual comic references, but understanding isn’t needed to enjoy the actual story the film is telling. The main point of the story is easy to follow and understand. The easter eggs and jokes are just extra icing for those who are in the know.  

The Lego Batman movie is a fun film which can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s well worth seeing and worth owning when it is available. It is a film I will be able to watch countless times with my family because of the execution in story. There aren’t many good spoof movies made anymore, but Lego Batman was able to inject some much needed life into the genre. If they announced a Lego Star Wars film spoofing the saga it would be welcome, instead of the one which was recently announced. A Lego version of the films in this vain would be perfect. Hopefully Lego and Warner Brothers continue to make great animated films and push Pixar as the top animation studio. The second effort was every bit as strong as the first, and I’m looking forward to Lego Ninjago later this year.

What did you think of Lego Batman? Is it one of the best Batman films made? Comment and let me know. Like Share subscribe and all that fun stuff. 

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