Monday, January 23, 2017

A Luke Skywalker Star Wars Story Movie After the Saga Films?

The title for Star Wars Episode Eight was released today, and as titles go The Last Jedi is nearly perfect. It gives just the right amount of mystery to what the movie is going to be about. My initial reaction is it's going to focus heavy on Luke and why he decided to go into hiding after Ben Solo fell to the dark side. The Last Jedi could very well see the end of Luke (I really hope not), and if so would Lucasfilm tell a Star Wars Story film set after Return of the Jedi focused on Luke? 

The second image above is of meld of Sebastian Kyle, who plays the Winter Soldier, and Mark Hamill. The meld shows how uncanny he looks like Mark and Luke Skywalker. On top of this he is a great actor and could easily handle the role and action needed. If Luke Skywalker does die in Episode Eight I wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement of a Luke Skywalker stand alone film. There is a vast amount of story between the end of Return of Jedi and the The Force Awakens primed to be explored.  There are plenty of actors who could step into the role, but Kyle would be my first choice. 

Lucasfilm may not want to go greenlight another story about one of the big three after making a standalone Han Solo film.  I understand the arguments against making a stand alone Luke film. The universe does need to expand and more stories told about characters outside of the ones already explored. However, there is a ton of story to be  told after Return of Jedi. There could be a trilogy just about training of new young Jedi, and the fall of Ben Solo. I'm sure Lucasfilm will explore these stories in all forms of media, but I hope a film isn't out of the question. 

Luke Skywalker has always been my favorite character in the universe. If he does end up being killed off in The Last Jedi I want to see him in another movie again, even if it isn't with Mark Hamill. I always wanted more stories about Luke after the events of Return of Jedi. This is the main reason I devoured what is now Legends books. I think it would be a lost opportunity not to do another film focused on Luke and explore what eventually forced him the remote planet he is on in The Force Awakens. 

Would you want a standalone Luke film set after Return of the Jedi? Comment and let me know. 

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