Thursday, January 26, 2017

MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA Trailer #2 - Review/Thoughts

There are very few created universes greater than the one Bioware brought to life with its Mass Effect trilogy. All of the games (yes even the third) brought to life a rich history and story which could be enjoyed multiple times. My personal favorite of all the games was the first and while I loved the second I hope Mass Effect Andromeda gets back to some of the older RPG elements. 

This trailer doesn't give us any actual indication of gameplay. It does show more of the story being told. The second trailer gave us a glimpse of what appears to be the villain and who the crew will be fighting.  If there is a twist in the game, hopefully it is as well done as all of the other twists Bioware has delivered over the years. The game looks like a Mass Effect game, and at the very least has me excited to play the latest installment. 

The only issue I had with the trailer was some of the dialogue. The voice acting and interactions showed in the trailer didn't flow very well. This could very well be because of the way the trailer is cut. Bioware has never disappointed in the story before, and I doubt they will here. There were issues with the story in the early development of the game, which does still give me pause. Hopefully it's nothing and the game will be great. 

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